Warm temperatures coax out strollers, flowers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In his work, “A Warm Day in Winter,” the poet Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote: “Sunshine on de medders, greenness on de way; dat’s de blessed reason I sing all de day.”
Thursday surely was a day for singing. The warm weather and sunshine coaxed folks from their offices for a lunch break under pleasant skies and out of their homes to enjoy a casual stroll along neighborhood streets or through parks where blooming flowers spread their colorful message that, despite what the calendar says, there is always the chance for a little springtime in our corner of the world.
Today promises temperatures climbing into the 60s again, but it also brings the threat of afternooon showers. So if you plan to take a walk, you may want to carry an umbrella.
No matter. Let the rain come. We can use that, too. Besides, the calendar says it’s winter for three more weeks, so a day when we can shuck our coats is a gift.
As Dunbar wrote:
“Look hyeah! Whut you axin’? Whut meks me so merry? ‘Spect to see me sighin’ w’en hit’s wa’m in Febawary?”