Vandals use golf carts to damage property

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Country Club of Salisbury reported that someone accessed golf carts overnight and used them to drive on and damage putting greens. Two carts are missing and presumed stolen, while three others are damaged. Total damages are estimated around $10,000.
– Myla Leacock McCants, 53, reported that mailboxes and solar lights were vandalized near 115 Treetop Ct.
– Keith Junius Corriher, 55, reported that someone tried to force entry into his vehicle at 223 N. Fulton St.
– Nicole Beck, 25, reported that someone vandalized her property at 375 Faith Rd.
– Allison Scarborough-Wieland, 27, reported a forged check worth $1250 on her account.
– Kristen Peele Yarbrough, 26, reported that someone damaged her vehicle at 323 S. Arlington St.
– Windy Dalton Dill, 31, reported a theft from a motor vehicle at 606 S. Clay St.
– A suspect was arrested near 200 Ackert Ave. He was in possession of cocaine.
– K-Mart reported that their loss prevention team captured a shoplifter on site.
– Timothy Dewayne Johnson, 32, reported that someone stole items from his trailer.
– Sandra Bowman, 43, reported a daytime burglary of her residence.
– A man reported being assaulted at 500 E. Innes St. at the Hess Station.
– Beverly Ann Gaston, 47, reported that someone busted out a bedroom window of her home at 210 Grove St.
– Darryl Keith Brown, 25, reported that someone stole his vehicle at 830 W. Bank St.
– Someone attempted to rob Ruscho gas station number two with only a knife at 2480 Statesville Blvd.
– The Salisbury Traffic Department reported theft of tools from a vehicle parked at 231 W. Franklin St.
– Narvice Chirelle Kerns, 28, reported that someone kicked in her door before ransacking her house at 120 E. 15th St.
– Safrit Landscape Construction Company reported that someone threw a rock a shattered a window in a dumptruck at 6 Warehouse Dr.
– Dominique Abram, 29, reported a theft from her motor vehicle at 305 S. Link St.
– Steven Hall, 36, reported someone threw rocks through his truck’s window while he was at work. He found several large stones in the bed of his truck at 1924 S. Main St.
– Edwin Blair Plyer, 56, reported that someone hit his BMW M3 in the Salisbury Mall parking lot but escaped without being seen.
– Cedric Earl Withers, 49, was charged with DWI during a traffic stop at 1299 W. Horah St. Officers found 3.1 grams of marijuana on his person, and later searched his vehicle and found two rocks of crack cocaine wrapped in a $5 bill.
– Harold Dean White, 32, was arrested on charges of assault inflicting serious injury at 130 E. Liberty St.
– Elizabeth McBryde, 31, was arrested on charges of simple assault and battery.