United Way reaches 30 percent of goal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

By Shavonne Potts
There are scores of people in the community who depend on the funds from the Rowan County United Way.
It was a small reminder at the United Way’s campaign report meeting, Wednesday, but it has a huge impact.
“I love the fight this community has,” said Todd Rakes, executive manager of Ben Mynatt Nissan.
The car dealership hosted this week’s report meeting, where the campaign has raised slightly more than 30 percent of its goal.
To be exact, volunteers have raised $536,760.84 or 30.2 percent of the goal.
“We have to keep the momentum going,” Rakes said.
Campaign Chair Dr. Alan King said the volunteers can’t forget about the business at hand and that is to continue on their course to reach the goal.
“There is an importance and seriousness of what we are about. There’s nothing more important than the business of what we are about,” King said.
The following are the amount of money raised thus far:
– President’s ó $17,778.12 or 6.3 percent.
– Special Gifts ó $95,522 or 69.7 percent.
– Professionals ó $55,821 or 53.7 percent.
– Chairmans ó $79,471.03 17.8 percent.
– Public Employees ó $104,748.44 or 80.6 percent.
– Community Business ó $2,649 or 53 percent.
– Industrial I ó $6,788 or 8.2 percent.
– Industrial II ó $42,645.06 or 50.2 percent.
– Commercial I ó $14,294.65 or 22 percent.
– Commercial II ó $24,573.46 or 28.9 percent.
– Commercial III ó $28,736.22 or 37.3 percent.
– Education ó $38,621.36 or 17.6 percent.
– Miscellaneous ó $25,112 or 43.3 percent.
The two names drawn for the car giveaway were, Alicia Moore with the Salvation Army and Sharon Fisher, who works at McKenzie Sports.