Students offer their opinions on gender-specific classes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Students from Salisbury High share their thoughts about their single-sex algebra classes:
– “I think it helps a lot to have a single gender class. There’s a lot less distractions and more competition to keep the class fun.”
– “An all boy class is better because there are no girls here to distract us from doing what we have to do, but it is very boring at times.”
– “I love an all girl class because it helps keep us focused without boys distracting us and asking us silly questions like ‘What are you doing this weekend?’ in the middle of class. It lets us see how much more smooth a classroom setting should be.”
– “I really like it because it cuts out flirting and girls trying to impress boys. You can focus better while you’re working. Even though we do talk a lot.”
– “A lot more humorous and friendly environment.”
– “Having an all girl classroom is all right, I guess. I mean I would like to see boys, but by it being an all girl class I don’t focus on the girls. I just think about my work.”
– “I don’t have to come to class to impress. I just come in and get ready to work. I also enjoy it because if I yell out the wrong answer, it will not be as bad as having a cute boy beside me.”
– “It’s been great! I have been learning way better. I feel in an all girls class I can be myself. I don’t learn as well with boys trying to show off and distract us.”