Sechler column: Rowan rises above rain delays, hard loss

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FARGO, N.D. ó After the rain ruined the first night of Rowan Legion’s stay in Fargo and forced postponement of the team’s first game, we finally got to play some baseball after a long wait. Many, like me, were thinking: Are we going to get to see our team play after coming all this way?
But Rowan finally did get to play on Saturday and nearly found a way to win its first game, despite not playing particularly well the majority of the game.
Many Rowan fans from Fargo to Salisbury held their breath as Rowan looked as though the team might escape a bases-loaded, no-outs jam while leading Festus, Mo., in the bottom of the ninth. Unfortunately, destiny and luck weren’t on the side of Rowan that game. A fly ball fell softly on the right field grass after three Rowan players tried their best to make the catch, and Rowan fell 6-5 to Festus.
I’m sure many who haven’t followed the team closely this year wondered how Rowan would respond after such a gut-wrenching defeat. The answer to that is: very well. The team hasn’t had many back-to-back defeats this year, and the Rowan boys have always responded well after a loss.
That was the case once more as they took the field Saturday against Mount Airy (Md.). It didn’t look good early on for the Rowan boys, trailing 2-0, but they rallied big time for a staying-alive 8-3 victory.
I’ve had many people ask me what we do to pass the time in Fargo when Rowan is not playing. The answer to that is: whatever we can find to do. We always find time to eat, and even on Sunday we found some time to visit the local WalMart. The rest of the time we spent just hanging out in the motel room or on the phone with numerous people who want to know what is going on and when would Rowan play next. It can be frustrating because we have no idea what to tell them because we don’t know ourselves.
With the weather being uncooperative the past couple of days and games being pushed back, we just have to sit and wait until we hear some news.
The waiting game can get old, but for now we just have to relax and enjoy this monumental moment.
– – –
Drew Sechler, a student at Appalachian State University, has been a summer intern at the Salisbury Post.