School’s out for summer

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It’s official ó school’s out for summer.
Some 26,000 students headed home for the summer today as the Rowan-Salisbury and Kannapolis City schools wound up the academic year.
Teachers’ last mandatory day on duty is Friday.
Both systems are going to a four-day workweek for administrators and other staff members who work through the summer. They’ll be putting in 10-hour work days and closing on Friday to help the schools save money.
The four-day workweeks start next Monday and end Aug. 15.
In Rowan-Salisbury, the exception is June 29-July 3. Those will be eight-hour workdays and Friday, July 4 will be a holiday.
KCS schools and offices will post the hours they will be staffed on their front doors, voice mail, and on the KCS Web site.
Rowan-Salisbury has about 20,500 students. KCS has about 5,500.