updates commenting system

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For the last several months, has allowed readers the ability to comment on stories. While it wasnít a perfect solution, it gave our readers a chance to interact with our community.
As we continue to try to improve our Web site, we are testing a new commenting engine that will add a great deal of functionality to our site.

Comment Threading:
Respond to particular comments in-line and not several posts down the chain. Reply directly to an individual comment.

Commenter Profiles:
Your comments are your voice and so far your voice has been lost in an endless void of anonymity. IntenseDebate brings your identity into the light by providing you with a user profile and comment history. Users can connect with the following Web sites to share information from their IntenseDebate profile:,,,,,,,,, and

Reputation Points & Comment Voting:
Each IntenseDebate user has a reputation attached to their identity that is displayed whenever they make a comment. The reputation value serves as a quick overview of a commenter’s history and is based on the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of the comments they’ve made.

When you post a comment with IntenseDebate you have the option to send a Tweet on a post-by-post basis letting your followers know you commented on a post. It’s a great way to share posts.

As your content gets more and more fragmented across other third party services, our goal is to bring your blog content back to you. With this in mind, we’re really pleased to offer FriendFeed Comment Retrieval. Now when comments are made in the context of your blog on FriendFeed, IntenseDebate will republish them back on your blog! All you need to do is enter in your FriendFeed URL and select the option in your IntenseDebate profile.

OpenID support:
We offer full OpenID 2.0 support, so don’t worry about having to remember another set of login credentials. Open ID ń About | Get one

HTML Formatting:
You can also customize your links and add some photos to your comments. IntenseDebate supports links, bold, italics, underlining, block quotes, and images.

New way of commenting on
Now, if someone posts something you donít like ń vote it down using the thumbs down icon. Conversely, if you like what the person has to say, vote it up with the thumbs up icon. Build up your reputation by posting well thought-out comments or ruin it by choosing your words poorly. Itís up to you Ö and your community.

Do you think someone has posted something out of line? Use the ěReportî button under each comment to let us know. We arenít obligated to remove any comment per our terms of use, but do your part and help police the public areas.

We canít promise you wonít be offended by some comments, but hopefully with the help of the community, it will be more civil and insightful.

If you have any questions, please contact us at