Salisbury woman hopes youth, community will gather for prayer

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

By Shavonne Potts
When Deneice Edmonds moved to Salisbury two years ago she was disheartened to hear about the death of Treasure Feamster, who was killed when she was caught in gunfire between gang members.
Edmonds did not know the young girl, but was disturbed by the incident. Two months ago, 16-year-old Tyrone Angle Jr. was shot not far from where Edmonds attends church. Edmonds’ oldest son also knew Angle.
The violence prompted the evangelist to organize a city-wide youth prayer event.
Edmonds is a member of Outreach Christian Ministries on West Horah Street in Salisbury. She is also CEO of Fight for Christ Youth Organization, a ministry designed to motivate and encourage positive thoughts and actions in teens based upon Christian beliefs.
“With so much devastation that has taken place it has been pressed upon me to do this, especially after the last incident,” she said.
She hopes young people and other members of the community will gather next Saturday on the steps of the Rowan County Courthouse to pray.
“The Lord dropped this in my spirit. I saw the steps as the place to have this,” she said.
She’s planned to gather on the steps of the North Main Street side of the courthouse from noon to 2 p.m.
Edmonds said she wants to gather a “unified body of believers, regardless of race or religion.”
Edmonds believes a change will come to the community through prayer.
She is petitioning for God to cover the youth, and praying for city officials and unity of churches, neighborhoods, and the community.
“It’s time to do it God’s way, according to the Bible in II Chronicles 7:14,” Edmonds said.
The Bible verse says if God’s people would humble themselves, pray and seek God and turn from their wicked ways, then God would forgive them of their sins and heal the land.
“If we don’t start treating our youth like the now generation, there won’t be a next generation,” she said.
The prayer event is a way for people to join together for a common cause, Edmonds said.
“Ultimately, what affects the family, affects the neighborhood, affects the community, affects the church and affects the city, therefore we are all affected,” she said.
In September, Edmonds hopes to have an after school social center for teens established. It will be a place for teens to learn about the Bible and have fun with a little bit of skating, basketball, pool and video games thrown in.