Pfeiffer president named among UGA graduates who are ‘making a difference’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pfeiffer University
MISENHEIMER ó Pfeiffer University President Dr. Chuck Ambrose was recently named among a list of University of Georgia (UGA) graduate school alumni recognized for their important contributions to society and their efforts to “make a difference” in their communities.
Ambrose, who earned an Ed.D. in higher education from UGA in 1989, was recruited to become Pfeiffer’s eighth president in 1998 at the age of 36. This made him the youngest serving president of a college or university in North Carolina.
Now in his year 11th year as president, he is credited with the design and implementation of the Pfeiffer Initiative, the strategic plan for the future of the university.
Under Ambrose’s leadership, enrollment at Pfeiffer has increased by 43 percent and graduate enrollment has soared by 65 percent.
“You were selected by your graduate program to represent the variety of contributions made to our society by those with a graduate education. We are proud to include you in a list of UGA graduate degree holders who exemplify the intellectual legacy of our university,” wrote Dr. Maureen Grasso, dean of the Graduate School at UGA, in a letter to Ambrose. “Thank you for making a difference.”
In addition to UGA, Ambrose earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Furman, where he was captain of the soccer team and was named to the All-Southern Conference team three years. He earned a master’s degree in higher education administration from the University of Louisville and later a doctorate degree from UGA.
Ambrose and his wife, Kristen Allen Ambrose, a former golf professional, have two children ó Charlie, 17, and Kathryn, 14. They live in Misenheimer.