Old Stone Vino offers fare for every palate

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Old Stone Vino features tapas, a Spanish culinary tradition that has become popular in the United States. Tapas are small servings of food, often finger food. Most people order two or three selections to make a meal.
The menu offers 13 different tapas, each $4.95, including spiced pork kabob with Moroccan chutney and stone ground grits, Russian roasted mushrooms with borsch and sour cream, and loaded mini baked potatoes with lamb sausage and tzatiki sauce.
Too adventurous for your taste? Old Stone Vino has more conventional choices as well.
Appetizers start at $5.95, the price for Choose Your Cheese Macaroni. This dish comes with a cheese chosen from the selection delivered weekly to the restaurant from Springside Cheese Factory in Spruce, Wisc.
Four specialty green salads each cost $4.95, and the homemade tomato basil soup is $3.95.
Six different paninis are $7.95 each, including a side, and three flatbread pizzas run from $8 to $9.
The restaurant offers 20 beers and 85 wines, 54 of which you can order by the glass.

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