OctoberTour-Welcome to the 34th Annual OctoberTour

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to the 34th Annual OctoberTour
Historic Salisbury Foundation, Inc. invites you to experience the natural beauty and historic architecture of Downtown Salisbury at the 2009 OctoberTour.
Few city neighborhoods have the variety, quality and history equal to the Historic Downtown Salisbury district. Today, Salisbury has 10 historic districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The West Square Historic District ó with its hidden alleys, majestic homes, manicured gardens and tree lined streets ó is simply perfect for walking freely and discovering the beautiful architecture and history that defines the streets.
In addition to the West Square, we are proud to include the addition of the Brooklyn South Square and Downtown historic districts to this year’s Tour. You’re in for a wonderful treat.
This Oct. 10 and 11 are great days to get out of your house and see how other people live ó specifically those in one of the most talked about historic neighborhoods in North Carolina. Just by opening a door, you can experience another’s private home and all the historic treasures ó architecture, antiques and family history ó that come with it. Tour homes have opened their doors just for you as part of the 34th Annual OctoberTour, the historic tour of homes. Eight homes have been chosen for display this year.
Take advantage of this opportunity to get great ideas for your own home, from family heirlooms and furniture to books and paintings. Some of these beautiful homes have retained many of their original details, such as tiled bathrooms, wood floors and covered ceilings, while others have been painstakingly renovated to stay true to their historic roots.
Historic Salisbury Foundation, Inc. would like to thank OctoberTour’s generous sponsors, hardworking volunteers, and gracious homeowners. Thank you for supporting the 34th Annual OctoberTour.