North Hills celebrates Veterans Day

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

By Michael Jones
North Hills Christian School
North Hills Christian School students gave a school-wide thank you to local veterans in celebration of Veterans Day last week.
The North Hills History Club planned and organized the celebration honoring those who served in our military and remembering those who have fallen in service.
Eleven veterans were present: Mike Gobble, Paul Wilson, Watson Murphy, John Murphy, Rodney Queen, Don Harrison, Arbe Arbelaez, Nelson Lee, Dudley Denison, George Scott and Chris Price.
The veterans represented several different branches of the military, including the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines. They served in a wide variety of wars from World War II to the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Each of the veterans spoke about the cost of freedom. Anna Chamberlain and Logan Miller also spoke on the great contribution given to us by our veterans. Students presented a special slide show of North Hills veterans and concluded with a closing prayer by Natalie Whicker.
In her prayer, Whicker said, “We thank God for our veterans and all of the people who were and are still willing to constantly put their lives on the line, knowing that they serve our country and are proud to do so.”