Blotter: Computers stolen from Wal-Mart

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wal-Mart loss prevention reported March 6 two females and a male stole two Compaq desktop computers from the store at 323 Arlington St. The computers and parts were valued at $1,396.
In other Salisbury Police reports:- Jamal Antwan McRae reported March 6 someone broke into his vehicle and stole stereo components while it was parked at 321 Woodson St.
– David Weand reported March 6 credit card fraud was made at Wal-Mart at 323 S. Arlington St.
– Pamela Cofer reported March 6 someone threw flour and eggs at a Ford Escort sometime during the night at 2300 W. Innes St.
– Rosie Nereida Rodriguez reported March 6 that someone stole the registration plate from her vehicle while parked on her lawn at 1600 W. Horah St.
– Heather West reported March 6 someone attempted to cash a stolen check from 2204 S. Main St.
– Sim Johnson reported March 6 someone took the registration plate off his GMC pickup while it was parked in a parking lot at 100 Dolly Madison Road.
– Rebecca Shelenda Johnson reported March 6 a vehicle stolen at 417 W. Franklin St.
– Habitat for Humanity Re-store reported March 7 damage at the store and larceny of a television at 125 E. Innes St.
– Diane Robin Jones reported March 7 her purse was stolen from a Crown Victoria at 509 E. Lafayette St.
– Sheila Miller Dobson reported March 7 the convertible top of her vehicle was damaged and $5 in loose change taken at 631 Bringle Ferry Road.
– Hattie Ruth Richardson reported March 7 someone broke out the rear windows of her vehicle at 220 Audrey Lane.
– Danielle Marie Adrian reported March 7 some clothes were stolen from her parked vehicle at 523 E. Lafayette St.
– Michael James Johnson reported March 7 his house was broken into at 525 Bringle Ferry Road.
– Thomas Lee Waller reported March 7 someone broke into his home at 1919 Statesville Blvd.
– U-haul of Arizona reported March 7 larceny of a dolly from the truck which was parked at 915 Bendix Drive.
– Maria Eugenia Pleitez Castillio reported March 7 her Honda was stolen from 2345 Statesville Blvd.
– Corey Treasure reported March 7 a set of car keys were taken at 114 Clancy St.
– Larry Matthew Morris reported March 7 a possible burglary at 970 Camp Road.
– An assault with a deadly weapon was reported in the 600 block of Partee Street. No arrest made.
– John Reid Cannon reported March 8 someone broke into the rear window of his vehicle while it was parked on the street at 1210 S. Fulton St.
– Bobby Lee Rucker reported March 8 someone stole his CD player, speakers and amps from his Chevrolet truck at 501 Vance Ave.
– Rowan County Health Department reported March 8 an attempted breaking and entering at 1811 E. Innes St.
– Rebecca Bailey Dye reported March 8 a vandalism at 1218 Fries St.
– Michelle Foster Schmidt reported March 8 her wallet was taken from her purse while at work at 115 E. Innes St.
– Sabrina Beatrill Miller reported March 8 an unauthorized use of motor vehicle at 210 S. Main St.
– A woman in the 200 block of South Long Street reported March 8 a suspect put a box cutter to her throat.
– Southern States reported March 9 a larceny at 1710 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.
– Yvone Kayes reported March 9 vandalism at 1425 Klumac Road.
– Rushco No. 9 reported March 9 someone stole a gift card after having activated it at 929 S. Jake Alexander Blvd.
– Trenton Ray Weast Jr., 17, Catherine Elise Godbey, 18, and a juvenile were charged March 6 with shoplifting hair color and fake fingernails from Wal-Mart at 323 S. Arlington St.
– J. Patrick Bongiovi Lupetin, 20, was charged March 6 with misdemeanor purchase/possess alcohol by anyone under 21 years at 127 S. Main St.
– Christina Elaine Swink, 25, was charged March 6 with misdemeanor concealment of merchandise at Wal-Mart when she hid $36 worth of items in a diaper bag at 323 S. Arlington St.
– Adam Darrell Gappa, 31, was charged March 7 with driving while impaired at 1420 E. Innes St.
– Patricia Dianne Hill, 54, was charged March 8 with misdemeanor failure to return hired property at 1520 N. Long St.
– Michael Jerome Johnson, 51, Nancy Torrence Kelly, 46, Jonnetta Reneece Reddick, 31, and Kandice Lea Oglesby, 25, were all charged March 8 with affray or fighting when officers broke up a fight among the four people at 622 E. Cemetery St.
– Germaine Bernard Reid, 35, was charged March 8 with misdemeanor assault on a female at 130 E. Liberty St.
– Coya Michelle Hargrave, 35, was charged March 8 with misdemeanor utterance to provoke violent retaliation at 100 N. Shaver St.