Back to school: North Middle School supplies

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

North Middle School
Sixth grade
Please bring the following items with you the first day of class:
– Two packs of paper per subject;
– one three-ring binder for each subject;
– two marble, 70-page notebook per subject;
– two packs of large or small index cards;
– two packs of copy paper per subject;
– two packs card stock paper.
Language arts
– one pack dividers;
– one red pocket folder;
– one any color pocket folder;
– one pack highlighters;
– two markers;
– two crayons;
– two colored pencils;
– one bottle hand sanitizer;
– one box Ziploc brand bags per subject;- two boxes tissues.
Donations of extra supplies greatly appreciated.
– Notebook for each subject;
– pencils (not mechanical);
– colored pencils;
– blue or black pen;
– three-ring binder;
– graph paper
– headphones;
– marble composition book for science;
– tissues;
– hand sanitizer;
– colored clay for science;
– colored paper.
Further information about specific materials your child will need will be available on the first day of school.
Please, no mechanical pencils.
Eighth gradeThis is a basic list. More may be needed depending on individual teachers.
– loose leaf paper; needs to be replenished throughout the year;
– pencils, pens, highlighters; need to be replenished throughout the year;
– two binders;
– one green pocket folder;
– two folders with fasteners in the middle;
– two spiral notebooks, one replenished each quarter;
– one composition book;
– colored pencils.
AIG language arts
– one three-subject notebook;
– loose leaf notebook;
– pencils (not mechanical);
– blue or black ink pens;
– facial tissues;
– crayons (optional);
Poster board will be required throughout the year for various projects.
AIG math
– three-ring binders (one per semester);
– loose-leaf notebook paper;
– color-coded dividers;
– pack of traditional pencils (non-mechanical);
– erasers;
– colored pencils;
– two packs of index cards (3-by-5);
– ruler;
– safety compass;
– protractor;
– graph paper (quad-ruled);
– dry erase markers;
– box of facial tissue;
– hand sanitizer.
Sixth grade
– marble composition book.
Seventh grade
– marble composition book;
– copy paper.
Eighth grade
– marble composition book; copy paper;
– TI-83 plus graphing calculator access (for use at home).
These items are required before Labor Day. Any parent wishing to assist the class through donations of these items is welcome to do so.