Letters to the editor – Wednesday (10-14-09)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Park plan changed for the worse
I am concerned about the park being planned on the Tatum property on McCoy Road. I live about a stone’s throw away. I attended the first meeting and came away thinking this would be an excellent asset to our neighborhood. It was presented as a “walk to” park without motorized vehicles being allowed. No basketball courts, no shelters or tables. It would be a safe place to push children in strollers and for adults to walk or jog.
Now, I find out it’s going to have handicap parking, all the trees cut down, shelters and tables and possibly exercise equipment. It sounds like a mini Dan Nicholas.
I would have attended other meetings, but they have been at times when I have to work. Homeowners, not renters, should be able to attend and help make decisions that affect their property.
The area where the park is planned mostly has older adults who have no intention of moving. They don’t need this added aggravation and traffic. McCoy is a narrow street.
Mr. Tatum was very generous in giving the city this property, which was always secluded and had a country-like feel. The last meeting gave too much flexibility as to what will be put on this property; the quiet, peaceful neighborhood will be gone.
I understand there is grant money for this park. It’s a shame grant money can’t be used to get people jobs and put food on their tables.
Make it a quiet park with paved paths for jogging or walking, or let it sit in its natural setting until the economy turns around. If all the grant money has to be used for this park, plant extra flowers, shrubs and trees like Hurley Park, the best park in the city. We could use another one on the Tatum property.
ó Glenda Kearns
Arbor Drive
No to ‘Obama care’
Richard Roberts’ (Oct. 9 letter) is correct. Rights were established by the creator through our Founding Fathers. Sometimes we are willing to foolishly give up rights for feel good laws that are only repetitious to existing laws.
We look at the misguided liberal mind that thinks the government should provide all that the people want; we see that they are truly conservative in most respects. Most have learned to work for what they want and want for what they can afford.
Socialists want the government to take from the prosperous and give to the lesser. After a while, the lesser group gets larger because the government has stripped people down from being prosperous at all.
Health care is far better left to private companies than the government. We only need to look at Canada’s health-care system to realize that a social plan is unacceptable and to costly for tax payers.
There may be a health plan that will work, but it is not Obama Care. They need to leave our health care system alone for those that are satisfied and create a plan for the others that are not satisfied. Provide a plan that anyone can contribute to for service as they wish.
Providing for those who don’t want coverage, for those who are not willing to pay a share or for illegals in our country is not where taxpayers’ money should be spent.
Once we allow Congress to shove us into a social health care program, there will never be a turn around. Our rights will only spiral down faster and faster until we are completely under government control.
“Any government big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take all you have.”
ó Steve Karriker