Letters to the editor – Thursday (9-24-09)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 23, 2009

‘Enhanced interrogation’ used because it works
The militant Islamists cannot be defeated by traditional warfare. They must be rooted out. Our major weapon is information. We get a lot of it from captured terrorists. They do not give up this information willingly. It requires “enhanced interrogation.”
There are those who say it is torture and does not work. Of course it works! It has worked throughout the history of warfare. Why else would nations issue cyanide pills for spies to kill themselves with rather than divulge secret information? It is true that under duress people will give false information. Our interrogators know this and seek information that can be verified.
These methods have saved many lives and will continue to do so if the limp-wristed liberals will get off the back of the CIA. Stop crying about pictures of terrorists with their “private parts” showing. Real progress in defeating terrorists will be made when we publish pictures of them without “private parts” to show.
ó Joe Roberts
No coverage? That’s a drag
The Carolinas Nationals were held Sept. 18-20 at Zmax Dragway in Concord.
Where were the sports writers at for this great event? I looked in the Salisbury Post Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Nothing at all. You could at least have written an article about the winners. For people who have never been to a real drag race, NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) is the greatest. When you see a top fuel dragster run 3.857seconds at 315 mph or a funny car run 4.128 at 307 mph, it’s awesome. Smellilng the nitro gives you a rush. Go one time and you’ll be hooked.
They had the “four-wide” race. where four top-fuel dragsters were running side by side in four different lanes. There were also free pit passes. The drivers are so friendly, and you get to see them fire them up. And the sound ó wow! Watching them in between rounds is amazing. With 8,000 horsepower, nothing on Earth can match these awesome cars.
Maybe in March when they come back to Zmax Dragway, I hope someone from the Salisbury Post will be there to see this. I’ve been an NHRA fan for 30 years now.
ó Donald Morgan
We need the post office
Snail mail is a cute term that’s actually a swipe at the post office.
There are people who say they send “free” e-mail, and they don’t need the post office.
It was only a year ago that Wall Street ran the economy into the ground. But there is a movement to get government out of our lives. In that case, we would be left alone with the capitalists.
If you think e-mail is free, you probably wouldn’t mind paying double or triple the current cost of Internet access. Good for you, I guess.
There are people who are delighted at the thought of being without the post office.
Of course, these same people apparently think they can teach their computers to deliver packages.
Capitalists love that about people.
ó Lutrell Hancock