Letters – Thursday (9-17-09)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Government health care not the answer
Most health care arguments center around the high cost of coverage and providing coverage for the uninsured.
Just how will government-run health care be cheaper? Will they pay doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals less? Do you think government-run is more efficient than privately operated anything? Give me an example. Maybe you think government doesn’t have to make a profit and can offer coverage for less.
Should government health care not break even, who will pick up the tab? The government has no money. You say we’ll just get the rich to pay, or maybe tax smokers more. The enormous government deficit will become greater. I don’t care what Obama or Democrats tell you, taxes will increase.
This rush to provide health care is not the crisis it is portrayed to be, and the solution lies in the private sector. Capitalism can solve this better than bureaucrats. If there is a need to be filled and money to be made, private enterprise always works. People are motivated by the possibility of reward.
If government would get out of the way and stop trying to force an ill-conceived plan down our throats, recovery would be well underway, whereas I’m afraid we are looking at years of high unemployment. Today, people are afraid to hire and are letting workers go. Those who might open a business and hire people face uncertain times.
Until there is a change of thinking in Washington, conditions will remain bad and become worse.
Yes, people wanted change, but not this foreign government presently occupying Washington. Maybe, hopefully, I pray to God, when elections come around, a new wind will blow the miscreants out of office with this lesson well learned. What people say is one thing; what people do is the only thing that matters.
ó Richard Roberts
Checks for inmates don’t make sense
Does anyone but me see something is wrong with this article? “3,900 inmates got stimulus checks.”
I have never in my lifetime known of a president to send money to inmates! That is so stupid. Here we are feeding them, clothing them and housing them. They pay no taxes of any kind nor do they pay any kind of bills. Yet we have people out here working their bodies into the ground to feed and clothe their families. People are doing without health insurance as they cannot afford it; but the president sends money to inmates!
Am I the only one who thinks the president is stupid? What are the inmates doing for this country? Nothing.
With Obama as president, we now know he will do nothing for the working person as he has shown us where his interests lie. Maybe he has relatives in prison and that is why he sent those checks to the prisoners.
As for me, I am so disgusted with him and his lies he told just to get in office that I wouldn’t even say hi to him if I passed him on the street.
With him in office folks, it is only going to get worse for the working person to make a living. I feel sorry for the younger generation that is coming up.
A disgusted citizen.
ó J.F. Kesinger
Single-payer plan the only way to go
Single-payer health insurance is the only health reform worth passing. Don’t listen to the medical mafia.
You know single payer is the only real reform there is, so help push it on Capitol Hill.
Talk to Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers. They wrote the bill “HR 676.”
ó Christopher Bare