Letters – Wednesday (9-16-09)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paper covered both sides of controversy
Thank you for Sunday’s fair and balanced coverage of two major events that took place in our country on Saturday.
The president spoke once again promoting his health care plan, which understandably drew a massive crowd and extensive media coverage. At the same time, an estimated 75,000-100,000 people gathered at the capital in Washington, D.C., to voice concern and show frustration with the government.
The vast majority of the news outlets chose to give a very slanted unflattering report of this event, or even worse, to ignore it altogether. This is one of the reasons newspapers across the country are shutting down and televised news outlets, with the exception of Fox News Network, are falling drastically in their ratings.
Americans are losing faith and trust in the media. Please keep up the good work. Continue to be fair and report the truth, whatever it may be, whichever party it benefits. This is what we the American people want, and what we deserve.
ó Elizabeth Landry
Survivors say thanks
As Americans we will always remember the tragic events for our nation on 9-11-01. On Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 I had the privilege of attending with my aunt, Naomi Rice, an event giving this day new meaning. Dr. Bill Black and Carolina Oncology Associates hosted the First Annual Survivors Day with a picnic at Dan Nicholas Park. Dr. Bill Black and his dedicated staff are to be commended for sponsoring this event. They went above and beyond the call of duty to provide their patients and families delicious food, live music, face painting, and an overall feeling of good will.
Cancer patients of all genders and diversity came together to celebrate life and an afternoon of fellowship. Although we were strangers to each other, bright smiles and happy faces tied us together with a common bondóto survive this dreaded disease.
Thank you Carolina Oncology Associates for being our inspiration, giving us hope and understanding our struggle while facing challenging cancer treatments. Salisbury is fortunate to have these dedicated persons as part of its community.
ó Ann Scruggs Link
Snow Camp
Just you wait
If you have been living in this county and state for the past 50 years and didn’t have your head buried in the sand, you would know that the Democrats have tried to frighten seniors by telling them each election that the Republicans were going to do away with their Social Security. If you don’t know that, then you are truly ignorant.
I have no way of proving it, but the majority of people think that the present administration has their fingerprints all over not giving seniors a cost of living increase for the next two years. I saw where food prices were coming down ó but a penny here and there is hardly worth calling them declining. How about numerous items like soups that have gone up 50 percent or more?
Sure, George Bush left a large deficit, but wait until the end of this administration when the deficit will be in the trillions instead of billions. Bush’s deficits have kept this country safe since the terrorists killed thousands of American citizens on 9/11.
Only a liberal could brag on the likes of a pervert like Bill Clinton ó his relationship with a young White House intern is how he will be best remembered.
We have had recessions in the past but have never reverted to communism like takeovers of our automobile, insurance and banks.
ó Lee Jacobs
Sewage response appalling
The city of Thomasville’s response to a sewage spill that dwarfs the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill is almost as appalling as children swimming in 15.93 million gallons of raw sewage ó laden with disease pathogens, bacteria, viruses, toxins and antibiotics that can cause serious illness, leave lesions and open festering sores.
Utilities Director Morgan Huffman failed to adequately review plant data once the spill was allegedly detected on Aug. 4 and grossly (perhaps intentionally) under reported the sewage spill by 15 million gallons.
Plant operator logs from July 16 and again on the 25th as well as sewage plant flow meters and internal SCADA data all show plant data and plant employees documented a sewage spill. Huffman failed to tell media an EPA criminal investigation prompted the town to suddenly amend their report based on information first reported to Yadkin Riverkeeper from plant employees who claimed town officials were intentionally underreporting the spill.
Now Thomasville City Manager Kelly Craver is reassuring the public all is well because he visited the Abbots Creek area weeks after the incident occurred.
Mr. Craver, it is impossible to see fecal bacteria, disease pathogens or growing algae blooms that could later cause fish kills or taint the taste and smell of Salisbury’s drinking water. Thomasville’s sewage is contributing to already declining water quality in High Rock Lake.
Salisbury officials have an obligation to their constituents by demanding Thomasville political leaders conduct their own investigation, hold whoever is responsible accountable for their actions, provide the necessary funding to rehabilitate leaking sewage lines, develop new collection system designs and commit to upgrading treatment standards to protect High Rock Lake.
Yadkin Riverkeeper will push the state to enforce the maximum Clean Water Act fine of $650,000 if Thomasville fails to address this problem.
ó Dean Naujoks
Dean Naujoks is the Yadkin Riverkeeper.
Leash can work for cats
This letter is in response to C.E. Hudson’ s letter about cats on a leash.
I’m not aware of a leash law for cats, either. When I moved to Rowan County, I moved to a very busy road. I decided to put my little kitten on a leash, not to keep her out of other people’s yards, but for her protection. I didn’t want her to go to the road and take a chance of being hit by a car.
She loves going outside and stands at the door waiting for me to put her leash on her. It’s long enough for her to go almost anywhere in the front yard. It’s easier to train a kitten, but I guess it’s possible to train an older cat. I tried it on an older cat before he died of cancer, but it didn’t work.
I wrote this to let C.E. Hudson know that cats can be trained to a leash. She doesn’t do her business outside. She comes in, uses the litter box, and goes back out if she wants to.
ó Shirley Smith