Commentary: MoragnEl: No rift with RSS system

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 11, 2009

Knox Middle School Principal Gerald MoragneEl resigned Tuesday. He gave the Post this statement Friday:
I have enjoyed my time as a member of the Salisbury, N.C. community as well as my service to the “new” Knox Middle School. During my tenure, I faced a lot of challenges but was also able to overcome them to make strategic changes that increased the overall effectiveness of the school’s procedures, systems and academic performance. The increase in test scores was a culmination of efforts by the past and current school staff.
We have set high standards and raised the level of expectations for all who enter our hallowed walls. We have broken the school down into self-sufficient academies and, new this year, we have incorporated remediation into the schedules and have worked hard this summer to create a heterogeneous grouping of students to ensure peer academic support and motivation.
Parting is such sweet sorrow, and the reason I hadn’t broken the news to the parents and students is because finding the right time to say goodbye is as hard as saying goodbye. In my short time here I have made good friends and neighbors, was able to continue to practice my faith, serve students whom I grew to love and get firsthand experience at genuine Southern hospitality.
There is a saying that goes “leave a place better than you found it,” and I hope my contributions have done that. I am certain that under Dr. Grissom’s leadership, which resonates at all levels of the school district, she will identify someone who is the right fit for Knox and will make sure that the progress the school has made will continue. Knox Middle is a school with a history of greatness and it is evident throughout the community. It has great students, parents, teachers and administrators and great guardians of that history.
As the 21st century change agent, a lot of the focus has been on me and in some ways it has hindered the school from moving forward. I think that now is a good time for me to step aside and let all of the school’s focus be on meeting students academic and social needs. Let me be clear that there is no rift between the central office, teachers or myself but it is simply time for me to go and be with my family. I thank everyone for his or her support, professionalism and friendship.