Letters to the editor – Monday (9-7-2009)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 6, 2009

School system is hiring good people
What kind of a person is the Rowan-Salisbury School System hiring?
Did you read the story about one of the newer teachers at Faith Elementary, Alyssa Florida? She helped a critically injured lady on I-85 and even drove to Baptist Hospital until the family could arrive from Georgia. What a heart!
Here’s a short story about another new teacher at China Grove Elementary.
Several years ago I was a counselor at an annual youth camp in Asheboro. We had a family whose son was physically challenged but loved to fish. His mother worked all week in the kitchen so her children could come to camp.
All week the campers would memorize Bible verses and recite them to earn points for prizes at the end of camp. One girl started reciting verses to me immediately and continued throughout the week. Friday came and guess who had the most points? She did, and when she went forward to pick her prize (there was a Bible there she had been admiring all week), she picked up a fishing rod and tackle box, walked over and gave it to the boy who was crippled.
Folks, the tears still come down my face as I remember looking at that boy, big smile on his face, carrying that fishing rod around the building.
Who would do something like this? Who could do in one action, the ultimate to demonstrate love and unselfishness to everyone there? And the next year, give a CD player to another little girl who did not have one?
Her name is Angela Ramey, and this year she was hired by Principal Jennifer Kennerly as a fourth grade teacher at China Grove. Every parent and child should be thankful our fine school system is hiring this high caliber of teachers. Thank you all for what you do.
ó Robert (Bob) L. Bartlett
Intersection needs more than stop signs
My daughter was killed Aug. 13, 2009, at the intersection of Old Concord Road and Old Beatty Ford Road. I’m sure all you readers know this intersection. The Bostian Heights Fire Department met yesterday with the Highway Patrol and state officials. They won’t put up a stoplight, only four-way stop signs. This is never going to work.
If there had been a stop light there, my daughter might still be here. The state can waste our money doing nothing while our loved ones are dying everyday. They’re working on Webb Road, getting grass off the sides of the road ó waste of money. They’ve put guard rails up in places ó another waste of money. But they just can’t put up a stop light at an intersection where you can’t see from either direction.
It’s our money being wasted. I’m sick of it! I loved my daughter very much, and at 18 years of age, she had a lot to look forward to, but because of the speeding driver that hit her and the state’s inaction, the one love and joy in my life is gone.
ó Thomas Vanderburg
Helping less fortunate
find new opportunities
Recently, I have been reading in the Salisbury Post about a new ministry center that is being planned by Helping the Less Fortunate Ministries. I applaud their work and hope that many people will be served through their ministry. There are so many people in Salisbury who need others to show concern and care by being in ministry with them and providing resources and opportunities to help change their circumstances.
However, I did want to tell the public about one opportunity that is already available for the homeless in Salisbury. This program, called New Tomorrows, began operating in March. It is a partnership between Park Avenue United Methodist Church, which I pastor, and Rowan Helping Ministries. New Tomorrows was created to develop relationships where volunteers can be in ministry with the homeless. These relationships are formed and needs met through classes such as yoga, creativity, life skills, Bible study and gardening. Our classes are designed to foster self-awareness, a sense of accomplishment, confidence and chances to make a difference in the community. Classes are free and are offered Monday through Friday at Park Avenue United Methodist Church.
So, clients of Rowan Helping Ministries do have other options besides going to the library or Hardees. If you get the chance, drive by our church at 500 Park Ave. and see the beautiful community prayer garden that was planted in our front yard by New Tomorrows’ participants.
We have been fortunate to have volunteers who share their talents in all aspects of the ministry, and we are seeing results. People are gaining confidence enough to find jobs, housing, join communities of faith and make a difference in the lives of others.
Again, I applaud the efforts of Helping the Less Fortunate Ministries and urge everyone to find a place where you can get involved and make a difference in Salisbury.
ó Rev. Annalee Allen
Beware of Obama and lessons of history
Our nation is facing a threat like it has never faced before. Neither Hitler, Stalin, Castro nor Kruschev has ever been the threat to America that our own government is presenting to us today.
Thomas Jefferson must have known about the Obama administration when he warned so long ago that we must protect ourselves against all foes, both foreign and domestic.
Unconstitutionally appointed and paid for by our tax money, czars, along with the ACORN mobs being bused in to show fake support to his plans, are more of Obama’s attempt to become Hitler all over again.
Taking over of our banks, auto industries and health care are again steps in the Hitler scheme of things. Next he targets our children, attempting to brainwash them into pledging their support to him. Again, another Hitler movement.
People did not pay attention in Germany in the 1930s to what was happening to them. Let’s hope that the people of America are smarter than the ones in that time and place.
Do not sit by and allow these things to take place here without voicing opposition to them. Again, that is what happened in Germany. Contact everyone who is being paid to represent us and demand that they vote the will of the people.
Do not allow our First- and Second-Amendment rights to be taken away from us.
And pray to God to watch over and protect us, because our government officials darn sure have no intentions of doing so.
ó Danny Warren
Gold Hill