Letters to the editor – Wednesday

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thomas a hypocrite on health reform
Again, I am writing about the inability of Cal Thomas to write an opinion that makes sense. In his Aug. 15 column, he stated the “real cause of anger over health care is because the liberal left sees life as nothing but chance.” If this is the case, why are those on the left the ones who are trying to improve the lives of those without good health care? If it is for political gain, why doesn’t the “right” get on the wagon and make themselves look good by helping improve things?
For 20 of the last 28 years, those on the “right” have done little to improve health care, and they refused to cooperate before the process even started. Now, they act like petulant children and make up lies that are incredible. The best one is from the former governor of Alaska regarding “death panels.” What you add to that lie to make it credible only shows you to be a hypocrite. If you are such a good man of God, you would be trying to help the poor, not the rich.
The truth about end of life decision-making (living wills, etc.) is that it is already law. It is about the only thing passed to advance health care by the Republicans in their last 20 years when they were in power. The only thing that is different is that patients can get professional counseling if they desire, without cost.
The Republican Party is disingenuous in its criticism on this and just about every other point it makes.
I hope every true person of God will come forward and insist that health care is taken care of as civilized people. Those with nothing to add but loud mouths and big lies are hurting a lot of people, and also the country.
ó Donald C. Tracy