A Mutual Passion: Forthofer and Legg have joint exhibit

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 27, 2009

Patt Legg and Sharon Forthofer’s mutual passion for oil painting was what led to their decision to have a joint exhibition at Rail Walk.
The show, titled “A Mutual Passion” includes landscapes, still life, and figurative paintings with a focus on reflections.
The exhibit will run Sept. 1 through 30, with a reception Friday, Sept. 18, from 6-8 p.m in the gallery at 409 N. Lee St.
Legg paints in the classical style of oils and is intrigued by the work of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Caravaggio. Her portion of the exhibition is titled “Pause for Reflection.”
“I hope those who view my work will stop, pause and see a little of themselves in some of the work, says Legg.
Among her works will be a large, 30-inch by 40-inch landscape titled “Inspiration at Dawn,” where a trail of light beckons the viewer to follow a tree-lined journey.
Legg’s still life paintings show her fascination with reflective surfaces.
“I am so excited about light and how it crosses over a piece of luscious fruit in a bowl ó or how the reflection of that piece of fruit is then reflected on a table or a mirror in its upside down perfection.”
She also will be featuring a portion of her oil portraiture.
“Actually,” she says, “painting people ó rather, painting their persona ó is the ultimate joy in my work. Often times, I will paint my vision of the person in a portrait with my brushwork and varied chosen color that I use to convey a spirit within.
“These are not commissioned portraits. Instead, I use the model to do one of my own ideas using them as my reference.”
Legg welcomes the opportunity to do commissioned portraits, and also offers pet portraits, with a special on pet portraits October through Christmas.
Legg has plans for a unique gallery show that will feature “some of you out there.” She already has the title: Can You See Me Now?
Her Web site has hints of this endeavor.
“We enjoy painting glass and shiny objects with reflective surfaces from life,” says Forthofer. “I paint outside on location as well, plein air painting. Many of these landscapes include water with reflections.”
Forthofer has a master’s degree in education and taught school for 24 years. When she retired, she began studying art and oil painting with Cleda Curtis-Neal, a portrait artist. Then she discovered plein air painting a couple years later. She has participated in painting workshops given by internationally-known artists throughout the United States and in Europe.
“My painting style could be described as realism with an impressionistic twist. I use an alla prima technique. Alla prima is a style of painting where, instead of building colors up with layers or glazing over an underpainting, the painting is done with a direct, expressive style.”
Forthofer and Legg both have studios at the Rail Walk Studios and Gallery, where they teach privately.
For more information about the exhibit, call 704-657-8321 or 704-232-600.
Information about Forthofer’s art may be found at www.tanglewoodbrushstrokes.com.
Legg’s Web site is www.PattLegg.com.