Letters to the editor – Monday (8-24-09)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 23, 2009

‘Joker’ poster is no laughing matter
A few days ago when I read the article in the Salisbury Post about the Obama posters that were made to resemble Heath Ledger’s “Joker,” I was extremely offended.
I am an Obama supporter, but I don’t see why people can’t just accept that Obama won the election and try to help him help us make America the best nation it can be. I think this poster was immature, mean and uncalled for. It also proves how ignorant they were when they misspelled fascism. In my opinion this is freedom of speech, and as much as I think this person should be charged for making such an offensive poster, he can’t be charged for offending people, but he can be charged for hanging up posters without a permit.
Finally I would like to point out that a lot of people in Salisbury, including me, didn’t like Bush, but we didn’t hang up posters portraying him as a mean person.
ó Emma Labovitz
Liberal lexicon
Town Hall ó gathering place for mobs.
Mob ó a group of racists.
Racist ó person who does not agree with Obama.
Obama ó source of all wisdom.
Wisdom ó opinions of Obama.
ó Joe Roberts
Behind the scenes with Armey & pals
Dick Armey and his pals are funding a campaign to accuse President Obama of plotting to deny health care to the elderly.
The irony is that Dick and his pals are finally admitting on camera that their goal is to get rid of Medicare and Social Security.
This reminds me of the Civil Rights movement. A few blacks refused to admit that segregation impacted their lives. They could be standing across the street from a house where there was a celebration going on, and they would still be claiming they were at the party.
Anyone planning to go to a Dick Armey tea party should make sure they’re a guest and not the kitchen help.
ó Lutrell Hancock
I’m still waiting for Coble response
Two weeks ago I wrote Rep. Howard Coble offering to arrange a venue in which he could respond to his constituents, in a civil, orderly manner, without the disruptions which have been in the news recently.
To date, I have heard nothing from Mr. Coble or his office. Clearly, he does not believe his constituents should have any opportunity to question (or commend) him, in a public forum. Unlike many of his Democratic colleagues who have faced sometimes raucous town hall meetings, Mr. Coble has refused to show his face except in the most favorable, controlled occasions. Instead, he offered to meet privately with those with questions. This offer is specious, to say the least. First of all, there aren’t enough hours in the day to meet privately with all of the people who have questions for him. Secondly, private meetings aren’t on the public record, public meetings are, and Mr. Coble knows that. Things said in public can’t be denied later, statements in private meetings can be denied if needed.
In my letter I offered several ground rules, which I promised to enforce rigorously. Violators would be ejected by police officers, en mass if necessary, and on an equal opportunity basis:
1. No signs, banners, etc.
2. Questions from the floor would be limited in time and rotated between “Pro” and “Con”.
3. No speeches, just questions.
4. Everyone will be civil, respectful and passionate.
5. Supporting demonstrations will be limited to a mutually agreed time.
6. Misbehavior will not be tolerated.
This would have guaranteed (after a few ejections) the requisite civility Mr. Coble is entitled to.
In closing, I am neither surprised nor disappointed in Mr. Coble’s refusal to accord his constituents this opportunity. As I understand him, he hasn’t seen fit to meet them in many years and obviously doesn’t see any point in doing so now.
ó John P. Burke
Take another look at health statistics
In response to the Aug. 21 letter from Rod Goins, I would encourage him to look at the “statistics” he is providing from the CIA World Fact Book and tell the rest of the story.
I have heard these statistics on infant mortality as the drumbeat of those who prefer a government takeover of our health-care system. This argument has been refuted for years, both as a matter of record and common sense.
The main reason the U.S. infant mortality rate (6.26 per 1,000 live births) is higher than France (3.33 per 1,000 live births) goes to the definition of ” live birth.” France doesn’t count babies born before 35 weeks of gestation as live births. The United States counts all babies born regardless.
Adding in the premature births negates any comparison of these countries’ rates to the U.S. rates.
If you are born early in France and they won’t even count you as a “birth,” it pretty much tells you what kind of medical care those babies receive.
ó Steve Reeder
Good tips follow good service
In response to the Aug. 15 letter from Virginia Clark about tips. I think she has the wrong idea about tips. Just because she is a waitress doesn’t man she will always get a tip.
She had the nerve to say that if you can’t tip, don’t eat out. If we didn’t eat out, she wouldn’t have a job.
I was a waitress for more than 20 years. I worked very hard, but I made very good tips. I don’t always leave a tip because I seldom get good service.
If people knew where she works, they most likely would not eat there because of the attitude.
Remember, Virginia: “Good service means good tips” ó not “Good tips means good service.”
ó Bobbie Goodnight
China Grove
Tips are a big part of servers’ wages
This is in response to the question asked by Mr. Wayne Fowler (Aug. 18 letter to the editor). He wanted to know who decided what percentage to tip waitresses. I know who ó the North Carolina Department of Labor. The minimum wage for a tipped employee is $2.13. Regular minimum wage is $6.55, which is a difference of $4.42.
Waitresses also have to pay taxes off our $2.13.
You also stated that we were not forced into our job. When I lost my former job due to the economy, would you have rather me stayed at home and collected unemployment off of your tax money?
In closing, I would like to say if you were a guest our restaurant and did not receive the service that all of you deserve, we certainly would not expect a tip!
ó Kathy Cable
West isn’t only one with great players
Lest any Post reader forget, you constantly remind us that K.P. Parks and West Rowan players of all sports walk on water. Great. However, there are, I believe, five other Rowan County schools that deserve equal billing, win, lose or draw. Please, let’s be fair and put somebody other than West Rowan on page one of the Saturday morning sports section.
This is in no way a slight toward K.P. Parks because his accomplishments speak for themselves. He truly is a tremendous athlete who will also excel at the University of Virginia. I will follow his play there and be very proud that he is a “local product.”
ó Sam Hoffman
Comic strip takes God’s name in vain
Regarding the Aug. 23 “Back 2 Basics” comic strip”
I find it appalling that the Post has a so called comic strip on the front page of the comics that takes the name of the Lord in vain! We are trying to teach our children to respect others, but if they see that no cares if God’s name is taken in vain in the comic strips, which most children read, why should they respect God ó or anyone else?
The Post should be setting an example for all. This is the second time this has happened in this comic strip. Please remove this strip for the sake of our children.
ó Liz Hood