Letters: Government can’t handle health care

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 13, 2009

Government can’t handle health care
As I read today’s (Aug. 10) opinion page, there are four letters from people that think they want government health care. Most people I talk with are against government health care.
I don’t base my opinion on lies or scare tactics I have heard from e-mails or a group of people. I base my beliefs on 52 years of our government’s history. I have never seen any city, county, state or federal agency that performs any service as efficiently as private industry.
As private industry has layoffs and pay cuts of 10 to 30 percent to stay in business, most of government’s response is to raise taxes!
If nationalized health care is so great, why do people with money come to the U.S. from other countries that do have it?
Now, the big issue: Money! Our government is broke. How can health care be provided unless taxes are raised? Since 1 percent of the people are paying 40 percent of the taxes, we know who gets stuck with this bill.
I have totalled the federal, state, county, FICA and sales taxes I pay. It is about 66 percent of what I earn annually. This does not include gas taxes, tire taxes, license fees, registration and title fees. Now, add a health-care tax.
If our government cannot live on approximately 70 percent of my money, how does it expect me to live on 30 percent of it?
ó Michael Efird
Cal offers no choice
Regarding the Aug. 4 Cal Thomas column, “If suicide is just another choice”:
Thomas perpetuates two of the myths used to argue against the passage of HR 3200, known as “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” and its version pending in the Senate. Obama Care is not the title of the bill.
The stated purpose of the Senate version is “to make quality, affordable health available to all Americans, reduce costs, improve health care quality, enhance disease prevention, and strengthen the health care workforce.” Mr. Thomas’ myths concerning taxpayers supporting abortions and legalized physician-assisted suicide are not in the bill. The Henry Hyde Amendment of 1976 forbids taxpayer funds for abortion, and HR 3200 Sec. 1233. (Advance Care Planning Consultation) does not mention or imply euthanasia.
Section 1233 amends the Medicare Act for patients who volunteer for counseling about end-of-life care every five years. The “Medicare and You” handbook will be modified to include information concerning end-of-life planning resources and advance care planning with physicians. Medicare would pay doctors for their time to discuss difficult end-of-life decisions with their patients.
The following myths are among many used to argue against health care reform.
Myth 1. Obama Care will cover illegal Immigrants.
Myth 2. Under Obama Care, there will be rationing of healthcare
Myth 3. Some people won’t be covered.
Myth 4. Current system is better than socialized medicine, financially.
Myth 5. The House bill will raise taxes on small businesses.
Myth 6. Home health care will be cut.
Myth 7. Seventy-seven percent of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare plan
Myth 8. Taxpayers will subsidize groups like ACORN, SEIU and the UAW.
ó Reginald W. Brown
Biking has changed
This is in reference to the “Motorcycle mayhem” article in the Salisbury Post on Aug. 11. I would like to add a few comments to the very informative article.
For you old-new riders that used to ride motorcycles in the old days, things have changed dramatically from 20 years ago, especially in the past five. Drivers of all vehicles have more things going on while they are driving: cell phones, big radios, texting, eating, etc. We as motorcyclists must drive defensively at all times. When we approach an intersection, we must prepare and assume that someone is going to pull out in front of us or turn into our path. When passing someone, we should always flash our lights and blow the horn, and again assume they may turn left at anytime. We must be aware and prepared at all times.
I urge all new riders and new-old riders to take the beginners riding course before you take to the road with your bike. This may save your life and/or someone else’s!
ó Freddie Thompson
Thompson is a member of the Salisbury Harley Owners Group (HOG).