Futurism: Live art and noise rock

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 13, 2009

by Sarah Hall
Is it noise? Is it art?
You can decide for yourself Friday night by coming to Looking Glass Artist Collective for the show FUTURISM.
LGAC’s assistant curator Charles Crawford will be host and drummer and a featured visual artist for the exhibit accompanying the event. He’s excited to be bringing his two-piece band, Battle Beasts, to the black box along with his abstracts.
The event will feature both sight and sound, as artists Jason McLellan and Justin Russell create paintings on the spot, inspired by and reflecting what they hear, images representing emotions ellicited by the music they are experiencing.
Since the Battle Beasts Myspace describes their act as “Psycho drums meets screaming bass” and claims it sounds like “a werewolf in a blender” they should be providing some pretty intense vibes. But Crawford promises some respite.
“Our music is like waves. It will take you up, then chill you back down.”
The other half of Battle Beasts is bass player Jermaine Bracey, also a visual artist. His comic book style art will be on display as well.
For his performances, Crawford even turns himself into a work of art, wearing a different mask each time that he creates for himself. Since he provides vocals for the performance, he has a microphone inside the mask, allowing him to communicate.
Asked if he keeps all the masks, perhaps for a future exhibit, he says no, that after one use he’s through with them. He’ll sometimes recycle parts for other masks, though.
Battle Beasts won’t be up on stage Friday. Instead, Crawford prefers to be on the floor level with listeners gathered around.
“I don’t want to be looking down on people, and I want to make eye contact,” he says.
Friday’s show will also feature music by two other two-piece bands, Siren and Stronghold Cvsaders.
The art on exhibit, as well as the art being created on the spot, will be for sale Friday night.
So is it art? You can draw your own conclusions, and even share your thoughts. But it won’t change anything. These artists have found the way they want to express themselves, and they aren’t hung up on what anyone thinks.
The show starts at 7 p.m. Admission is $3.
Looking Glass Artist Collective is located at 405 N. Lee St.
For more information, call 704-245-2302 or contact salisburyartists@gmail.com.