Letters to the editor – Tuesday (8-11-09)

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 10, 2009

Health reform is vital for many
I am writing to ask you to continue to be aware of the current debate in Congress on health care. This bill, proposed by President Obama, is truly vital to so many in this country.
Too many of us have been forced to choose between health care or our rents/mortgages and food. This includes medicines, treatments for chronic and disastrous illnesses such as cancer, chronic asthma, emphysema, stroke, mental illness, even dental care.
How can you apply the phrase “the pursuit of happiness” in the light of the fact that such a quest cannot be done without the basic proviso of health care? Health is a right, not a privilege, for every human being ó otherwise how can one seek happiness, or do the daily business of the nation? We are all at risk for losing homes, going into monstrous debt or getting left by the wayside in preventing illness, for ourselves and our children.
My oldest nephew owes his life to the French health care system, which recognized his cancer (leukemia), treated it aggressively and provided support for my sister ó and her house was never jeopardized by this crisis. I am deeply grateful to France for this.
What about the United States? We are far behind most of the world in this matter.
Let us change that once and for all. Please call your congressman, e-mail him/her and support this bill.
I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to write this letter. Thank you all for your time in reading this and considering my words.
ó Tina Loflin
Memorable teacher
I enjoyed reading Hap Alexander’s Aug. 9 article “Miss Jenkins taught more than grammar.” I, too, had Helen Jenkins in the eighth grade. You didn’t dare go into her class unprepared! I know she saw potential in every student that walked into her classroom. Today, so many teachers have already written off kids and just move them through to the next grade and the next teacher to deal with them.
I also applaude Hap’s parents for holding him back not one but two grades. I do realize he had ADD, and no one was aware of it at that time. If only more parents and teachers would hold kids back and not just put them in summer school (which we all know is a waste) and not say it will hurt their self-esteem if they do that. The best thing we can do for our kids is not keep “promoting” them. Remember what Hap said about Miss Jenkins: “She wanted me to think she was teaching me grammar but she was actually teaching me how to learn.”
Thanks, Miss Jenkins, for what you did for all your students.
ó Sally Edwards
Honoring N.C. vets
The veterans of the “forgotten war” ó Korea ó request your assistance in our effort to build a memorial to our veterans from North Carolina that are “still on duty” in North Korea.
These men fought in the mountains of North Korea in some of the bitterest weather recorded at that time. North Carolina has 789 men still listed as ” missing in action” and there is very little chance that their remains will ever be recovered and brought home for burial near their loved ones.
The memorial is being built to honor their sacrifice and also to honor the men that were able to return home from the war after the cease fire agreement was signed.
The memorial will be built in Fairview Park in the town of Mint Hill, just outside Charlotte, and will be maintained by the town. It will be the largest memorial to the veterans of Korea within the state when completed.
The projected cost of the memorial is $250,000 dollars, of which we have raised $75.000 by selling “pavers” that will be placed in the walkway leading into the central area of the memorial.
We are working hard to have the memorial completed by June 25, 2010, which will be the 60th anniversary of the beginnig of the war, June 25, 1951.
We are asking that you join us in our project and make a donation of any amount that you care to make. Every donation ó of whatever amount ó puts us closer to getting the memorial completed on time.
Please send your donation to: Korean War Monument
P.O.Box 690158
Charlotte, NC 28227-7002
We, the surviving veterans of the Korean War, thank you for your support and we are confident that you will be proud of the memorial and that you will visit it often in years to come.
ó William Stegall
Stegall is commander of North Carolina Chapter 265, Korean War Veterans.The Democratic majority in the North Carolina Legislature have added surtax to the state income tax. In reality it is a tax on your tax. How does it work? Normally if you and your spouse filed a joint return of $100,000 the tax owed to North Carolina would be $6,787.50. But now the state will now add a 2% tax to the amount owed. But wait, it gets even better. Let’s assume that you also own a “C” Corporation in North Carolina. Your Corporation also gets to pay a Tax on the Corporate Tax owed. You can well imagine that companies from other states which can bring us jobs are going to flock to North Carolina so they can pay higher taxes. If you and your spouse earn less than $100,000 don’t worry, they didn’t leave you out. You get to pay a higher sales tax. Don’t you think it’s time for a change in Raleigh? Next year, let’s thank our Democratic members in Raleigh by voting Republican!
ó George S. McClellan
Oak Ridge