Tomato taste test

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Results are in for the Tomato Taste Test held at the Salisbury Farmers Market last Saturday morning.
About 118 market visitors, young and old, had their chance to taste six tomato cultivars chosen from the market in a blind taste test.
Cherokee Purple, Better Boy, Paul Roberson, German Johnson, Randy Gardner Trial Pink and Carolina Gold were the varieties tested.
Cherokee Purple and German Johnson, heirloom tomatoes, were dead even for first place. Better Boy was a close second. Paul Robinson was fourth, followed by the Randy Gardner pink tomato. The yellow variety, Carolina Gold, finished last.Farmers market participants Duard Cress, Eagle and Son Produce and Red Barn Farms donated tomatoes for the test.
Extension Master Gardener Volunteers Carole Massey, Ed Joyner, Pat Stellute, Aaron Misenheimer, Lorelei Trumfio, Sherry Walker and Ann Meredith conducted the test.