It’s Superdad: Children young and old tell what makes their dad a superhero

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 19, 2009

My father (Roney Borras Sr.) is a superhero because he taught me enough about cars that I was able to change a flat tire and a radiator hose, by myself, on the side of the road. I think I will call him and thank him again.
óMonika Borras Bigsby
My dad is a superhero because …
He teaches me about the Bible and how Jesus died for our sins.
He even calls me in the afternoon from work to say that he is praying for me and he loves me.
He taught me how to fish and taught me how to make a balloon squeak.
He works five days a week for nine hours each day.
He would even give his life for me and mom.
He takes me on camping trips and even lets my dog go with us.
When a tree fell on our garage last Thursday, half of the tree was still standing; he was wise when he told me to stay away from the tree.
He wakes up at five oíclock just to take my dog on a walk.
Thatís why I think my father is a SUPERHERO!
ó Preston Hemann, 9

How do we know our dadís a superhero? Easy ń heís a dead ringer for Clark Kent.
Behind every caped crusader is a mild-mannered secret identity. Our dad is no exception. Like a real superhero, he prefers to do his good deeds without a lot of fanfare. But heís always there if you need him, and more than capable of rustling unruly farm animals back to pasture, or driving 100 miles to help a daughter change a tire.
He frightens away bad boyfriends and is gallant to the good ones. Heís never too busy for our phone calls, even if itís Saturday and heíd rather be outside. He doesnít believe in coming back from the grocery store without beer, M&Mís, or both. He goes the extra mile for his friends, neighbors, and family. He married Lois Lane.
Most importantly, he taught his children a thing two about being superheroes. That itís not who sees you in action, but about getting the job done. That sometimes the best disguise is a smile and a twinkle in the eye.
Weíd like to do him proud by staying undercover ourselves, but hope heíll recognize himself through his motto: ěWork hard, be nice, and have a little fun.î
ó Daughters of Superdad

My father (Bucky Banish) is a superhero because he died a Christian and helped me get back to church.
óMatt Banish

My dad (Mark Moore) is great because no matter how he feels we can always hang out and do stuff together. My dad has always been there for me. He rarely ever tells me no when I ask for something, but if he does, he says weíll get that later. My dad is a role model for me I want to be just like him when I grow up. Dad, Happy Fathers Day.
óMark Heath Moore Jr.

What makes my dad (Mark Moore) super is that he is always there to talk to, and if I ever need help I know I can go to him! My dad has to deal with a lot, raising two kids, and I think he is awesome for always being here no matter how hard things get. On this Fatherís Day I will let my dad know that he is a very special person to me and that I love him with all my heart!
óNikki Moore

My dad (Ed Hirst) is a superhero because he always exhibits patience with our travel plans, especially the time we were snowed in several more days in Atlanta!
…because he is very brave while fighting cancer!
… because he provides for my mom and me even when she is not working.
… because he has a good sense of humor even when I do things like lock the keys in the house accidentally.
… because he is very energetic and walks a lot to lose weight.
… because he goes to school himself and reads a lot so he can be a good example to me even when I donít want to do my homework.
…because he stands above all other dads in the world by being the best he can be every day in every way!
óHarley Ryan Hirst

My dad (Greg Hannold) is a superhero because he helps others. He does it not only because itís his job but because he loves to help people. He is also a super hero because he teaches my brother and I all the things we need to be super heroes when we grow up. Every kid I know that has met him thinks he is a super hero and wants to be just like him. Thatís why my dad is a super hero.
Sadie Hannold, 11

My dad (Kevin Jones) is a superhero because I am one!
Ella Grace Jones, 3

Dad (Steve Yang), you are the best dad ever! You make learning so much fun to all of us. You are the best coach we have ever been around! You have helped us learn so much about sports and about getting a good education.
Oh yeah, and you are just a great dad in general. You have spoiled us kids too much with your love and caring passion towards us. Going along with the learning of sports, we thank you for taking part of your time out of work to be here and teach us more. You also have taught us how tobe good kids and make good decisions in life. We love you.
ó John, Alex, Ellen Ashley and Michael Yang

My dad is a superhero because I love my daddy.† He takes care of me and he loves us and he helps us.† And he reads books to me sometimes.
ó Emily Grace Barlow, 6
China Grove

My dad is a superhero because he loves me for who I am not what I do.† He also encourages me when I am discouraged.† I love my dad.
ó Nicholas Lei Barlow, 14
China Grove

My dad (Brandon Archie) is a Super Hero because he is very strong and helps me with everything. He and my Poppy put together my big swing set this weekend, piece by piece. I had fun playing on it. I know he loves me very much. He teaches me lots of new things, he loves to play with me and cuddle with me. My dad is a super hero because he is my Daddy and I want to grow up and be just like him.
ó Jaiden B. Archie

My dad is a superhero because he is a father to four girls who he thinks the world of.†He works at the family business in China Grove where he does a lot of different things. In his spare time he takes care of the animals at the farm at my great grandpaís house and loves†to grow things. He is a great Christian dad. He is a member of Friendship FWB Church in Kannapolis where he teaches Sunday School and sometimes preaches on Wednesday night and plays the guitar. One thing he does is read the Bible every day, his favorite book. He also loves horses and loves to ride them in his spare time.† He has taught me to love everyone and respect my elders. I hope I grow up to be just like him.
óKelly Wise†

My dad (Tim Wyrick) is a police officer. On May 6, my dad had shoulder surgery. Then, on May 8, I broke my arm. So when I came home from the emergency room we both had our right arms in a sling. We both are still hurt but we are so much better now. My dad is so caring and loving but he still took such good care of me. That is why my dad is a superhero.
ó Leah Wyrick, 9

My dad (Melville Frederick Black) is a superhero because he never quit. When life dealt him a serious blow, he got back up and went at it harder.
At the outbreak of World War II, he was a young undercover agent for Army Intelligence on the west coast. His handler, a grisly old Major, was sent overseas on very short notice and without informing Dad. So Dad, an Army sergeant posing as a 2nd Lieutenant, was left on his own. Because no one else knew about his assignment accept his handler, when Dad tried to convince the Post Commander of his true situation, the old Colonel gave him a choice, Courts Martial for claiming he was really an enlisted man or orders overseas as an officer. Faced with jail or life as an officer, for which he had no training and no desire, he took life as an officer and learned very quickly how to be a good one advancing to Lt. Colonel in 4 years.
After the war, he left the Army but had no college, so all his life he studied more, read more and worked harder to remain competitive for promotions. His model for success was learn your job better than anyone else knows it, always tell the truth and give an honest dayís work for an honest dayís pay.
In 1971 he retired to Florida and lived comfortably for 12 years before passing away at the age of 75.
ó Doug Black

My dad Glenwood Oats Jr. is so special to me because he helps my mom take care of me and my brother. That is a big responsibility! Iím glad they are together. I can’t ask for a better dad!
ó Jaliyah Oats, 7

My dad is a superhero because he is a wonderful dad and he is a wonderful firefighter. Heís a wonderful dad because he loves me and he cares for me. He is a wonderful firefighter because he puts out the fire quick and better than anybody else.
Rachel, 10
South Rowan Academy

My Dad, Hobert Wayne Wagner, was the most terrific Dad there was. He passed away 4 1/2 years ago. I still miss him so very much. Dad was my best friend, he always was there with a shoulder to lean on, to give advice, and to let me know if I was doing something wrong. He was in Law Enforcement for 16 years. He started the Juvenile Bureau in Rowan County. Dad would always try to give fatherly advice to other kids that were in trouble. He brought home four teenage runaways from Florida when I was small, instead of them being placed in a juvenile facility.† He would be out in the yard playing or helping with homework and worked so very hard to provide for us.
My Dad, was a great Papaw for my kids also. He was the father figure for years to them. There wasnít anything asked of him that he wouldn’t try to do.
I just wish my dad was here to spend another Fathers Day with him. Cherish every day you have with your dads, for you may not have another.
†ó Denene W. Johnson

My dad (Kenneth Austin) is a super dad cause he gives me a lot of his time, no matter how tired he is. He made me a set of golf clubs and we play golf together with my Uncle Eddie.
He lets me win sometimes. Heís never missed a ball game or anything at school. He reads with me at night and dad is the homework helper at my house.
He let me take Momís seat on his motorcycle; sheís not happy, but I am. My dad is the best ever. We work on things together. I get to help mow the yard, put up the swimming pool.
No matter whatís going on, my dad always has time for me. He is the greatest super dad in the world and Iím glad heís mine.
ó Mark Austin, 9
China Grove

My Daddy is super because he always takes me to the farm with him.† He lets me ride the tractors and the combine†and teaches me all about the farm.† I love doing stuff with my Daddy.† He also lets Mommy stay home with me and Sissy (Morgan), and doesnít make her work.† She does work in the house though.† He teaches me to ride my bike and also we say our prayers together and he takes me to church.† I love my Daddy.
óTucker Tomlinson, 4
(As told to Mommy)

Heís not more powerful than a locomotive, he can’t even leap tall buildings in a single bound. I’m pretty certain he does not even own a red cape, but he is still a Super Dad.
Since a very young age, I have been in awe of his selflessness. He has always gone out of his way to help those in need without fanfare. Whether itís helping a complete stranger, neighbor or family member, Dad has always gone out of his way to help others in anyway he can.
In sickness and in health, through good times and bad, I am amazed at Dadís perspective on life and his unwavering faith. He has a knack for lifting the spirits of those around him. I feel truly blessed to have such a Super Dad and Super Mom.
I love you will all of my heart.
ó Danny Nance
Salisbury, NC

My Daddy is super because he buys me shoes and clothes.† He buys me toys too and I love them.† He also helps me ride my new bike and takes me to ride the tractor with Tucker.† He teaches me to say the blessing when we eat and he is letting me go to preschool this year.† I love Daddy, he is the best!
ó Morgan Tomlinson, 2
† (As told to Mommy)

First off, let me say that I am 27 years old, but my Dad is still the best.† I also have a wonderful step-dad, and the two of them are practically best friends.† My dad has always gone above and beyond when it came to stuff for my sister and me, whether he was coaching our ball teams or going to the store to buy our first ělady items.î† Playing sports, anytime I looked at the sidelines, my daddy was always right there cheering me on.†I never doubted that he loved me and never will.† He is a great Christian man and I could never repay him for all he has done.†
Also, to my wonderful step-dad, thanks for everything you have ever done for me also.† You took my sister and myself in as daughters when you married our mom, and you never let us feel like we were anything other than your own.† Even after you and Mom had your ěownî child, we were always made to feel like we were your biological children, and we still do!† Thanks for all you do, whether it was sitting up with me at night while I was throwing up everywhere or teaching me to drive ěGeneral Lee.î†
Lastly, thanks to both of the above because without you I wouldnít have grown into the mature, responsible adult I am today.† Thanks for being ěbest friendsî and doing whatever it took to get along and like each other.† You will never know what that means to me!†
ó Lyndsay Lowman Tomlinson

My hero is my dad, Gary Childers of Kannapolis. With his bright red truck and lawn mower ó toys he got when he retired ó he is so great. I often call him and say ěWhat are you doing?î Then I say, ěNever mind, I know youíre sitting there with your PJs on. He laughs and says, ěYep, Iím ready for bed!î
He has been there for me through some of the roughest times in my life. As an only child, I will always be daddyís little girl. We call each other several times a day. If he canít reach me, he always leaves the same message: ěLisa, this is Dad; where are you at? Call Daddy! You know youíre supposed to call me.î
I laugh because Iím 34, but to him Iím his little girl. Dad, you are so special and I thank you so much for all you have done for me and your grandkids. The gas money, Christmas gifts for the kids, my outbuilding, my car, my home ó did I forget to say my Daddy spoiled me? For Fathers Day, Shawn will cook you your favorites ó Gibsonís fish, hot slaw, hush puppies and tartar sauce and some banana pudding with cherries!
ó Lisa & Shawn Gibson and grandkids

You (Shawn Gibson) have been a great stepdad these last 3 years. I often think about our beach trips, fishing,Carowinds, playing basketball,and the many times you have surprised us at school and came and ate lunch with us!You have been a wonderful dad to us. And a good husband for our mom. Oh, yeah, and we really enjoy your fried chicken and your fried flounder. Just cut out that Xbox 360 online so much, with Uncle Chris and you might just be the perfect Dad. Nah, just kidding, youíre great!
ó AJ, Micah & Malachi Chambers

I have the greatest daddy in the world (Cory Meacham). He is special because he has not just me but my sister and brother he gives love and attention to. He always has the time for me and gives me the love I need and want. Everyone says I am just like him; Iím happy to be just like him because at least I know I will be a great parent just like him! Thanks for being a great Daddy! I really do love you!
óMadison, 6

Our Daddy (Cory Meacham) is the greatest dad in the world. He came into our lives and raised us from the ages of 2 and 6 we are now 10 and 17. He has been the man we look up too, he man that is there for us no matter what. He gives us the love, attention, and time we need. He is just GREAT! We love you, Daddy!
ó Maggie and Ryan

Dad, you are the light of me because you mean a lot to me. You are so sweet because you play with me a lot, like when we did our cow and we changed our cow to a steer!
ó Amy Taylor
South Rowan Academy

We think our dad is a superhero because he can jump high and cause he helps us and another reason is because he helps people at their jobs and helps us with our homework. He also takes care of us when we are sick and if we are hurt. Another reason is cause he helps my mom when she is sad or hurt, although they are divorced he still treats her like a friend (thatís sweet).We also think he is strong because he can pick up to 250 pounds. Thatís why we think he is a superhero.
ó Faith, Ashton and Spencer
South Rowan Academy

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I think my dad is a superhero because he gets to take us places and we get to stay up late when heís at our house. When he is at our house he takes us to Wal-mart and buys us at least one toy each. When I need help on something he will always be there and when he is not there I can get on and chat. When I said come to our graduation he came when he was at work and came for at least two hours. Even though he donít come to my birthday he at least calls me and tells me happy birthday! As long as I talk to him every day I am OK for until he comes to visit us like always when he comes.
Cierra J.
South Rowan Academy

I think my dad is a superhero because he can fly and jump really high and he has x-ray eyes. Also we can fly to the moon and he will be the first to step on the moon and he is really strong; he can pick up something 50,000 pounds.
But really, he can help us in so many ways because he can cook to feed us and he can help us with our home work but sometimes he does not know so he just tries to help and I love him, heís my dad, and also he can play with us when we are alone, but really he can hold up 250 pounds and I love my dad for who he is. And he helps when we are sad.
South Rowan Academy

My dad is a superhero because he is so nice. He would let you come in my house. Thatís why.
Timothy, 7
South Rowan Academy

My papa Harold is my favorite. I call him papa Harold because Mackinzie calls him that. He is my favorite because he plays with me. Some of the games are ědonít let the balloon touch the groundî and more. He is always nice to everyone. I really love him.
South Rowan Academy

I like my dad. He is the best. Every time he comes home he plays with me and he loves me.
-Caitlin, 6
South Rowan Academy

I like my dad. I love my dad.
-Conner, 6
South Rowan Academy