Letters: Lost insight on need for teachers?

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 8, 2009

Lost insight on need for teachers?
Reading Saturday’s article regarding teacher cuts in Rowan-Salisbury schools, I am astounded by the irrationality of the county, as well as the state, in response to tight budgets.
Only a couple of years ago, there was a buzz of encouragement to enter the field, regardless of the meager salary, as there was a shortage. It was recently even touted as being a “recession-proof” profession.
Yet now, surely in the absence of a surplus, the answer is to cut staff? Perhaps such cuts may be deemed appropriate, were more information given in the article as to the basis of the decision. Lacking this information, it seems ludicrous to undermine the very foundation of the educational system, especially while maintaining funding for activities secondary to learning.
According to Martin Luther, “When schools flourish, all flourishes.” This, he realized almost 500 years ago. Is this not even more applicable in our time?
ó Erik M. Griffen
China Grove
The gift of music
A huge thank you from my husband, John, and me for the 5th Pops at the Post!
It was wonderful from start to finish! We enjoyed every note played, the performers, David Hagy’s comments and the marvelous Symphony. The Salisbury Post is most generous in their contribution to the Salisbury community by giving us this gift of music every year. We hope it continues for many years to come.
Looking forward to the sixth Pops at the Post!!
ó Patsy Parnell