Letters to the editor – Saturday (5-30-09)

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 29, 2009

Enforce the law, keep pets safe
Today I watched my friend and neighbor bury his small, four-legged companion, which had been viciously attacked and killed in his own yard by a dog that was out roaming the neighborhood. I watched my friend struggle to hold back tears as he made a small box and placed the broken body of his beloved dog in it for burial. I watched as he placed the casket in the ground and covered it with earth.
None of us lives forever, nor do our pets; but it is particularly tragic when a life is terminated by violence, preventable if county regulations had been adhered to and a little common sense used, since the dog had already killed another dog yet was allowed to run loose. Animals known for fierceness, fighting and attacking must be kept safely in a confined area. I implore our county officials to enforce the laws to keep us and our beloved pets safe.
Our neighbors are going to miss their “little Ellie,” and I am going to miss seeing them together when they are out walking or visiting in our home. Our hearts go out to them, and I can only hope and pray it never happens to another defenselesss dog.
ó Ben Mitchell
Painting spirit rock in poor taste
West Rowan lost a great student and wonderful friend earlier this year ó Joe Hampton. The students decided to honor Joe in several ways, including painting the spirit rock on the school grounds.
I understand it is customary for a rival school to paint another school’s rock with the rival’s own name or colors, and sometimes it is funny. But when another school painted over the memorial to Joe, it was in very poor taste. While I know that it probably wasn’t meant personally, if the taggers had taken two seconds to read what was on the rock, they might have realized that what was on it was not just another spirit slogan and therefore doesn’t merit being repainted with some trite expression of another school’s dominance.
ó Nate Lytle