Jasika on herself

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 24, 2009

Jasika on herself
Idea of perfect happiness: Health, and a home ó actually three homes, one for me, one for Dad, and one for Mom!
Greatest fear: Having to take care of my younger sister and not knowing how to do it well.
Best trait: My optimism, and the smile that goes with it.
Most deplorable trait: I talk too much and cry too easily!
Greatest extravagance: My MAC BOOK PRO! have had it for months and am only just now getting (semi)-comfortable with other people using it.
When and where I was happiest: Right now, at 29 years and 10 days old; I love the person I’m growing into.
Favorite place: My mother’s lap. The Formosa Chinese Restaurant in Hoover, Ala., is a very close second.
Most treasured possession: A gold necklace my mother gave me when I was 8 years old. It was her gift to me when I performed in my first play. It keeps breaking, so I can’t wear it out anymore, but it’s still sparkly.
Depths of misery: Having no options.
Favorite book: “Middlesex,” by Jeffrey Eugenides. And I liked it before Oprah put her seal of approval on there.
If I could pick my last meal it would be: Sesame chicken and Mongolian beef. And an egg roll. And hot and sour soup.
What I value most in friends: Serenity.
Favorite achievement: Driving up the side of the country in a Penske truck, picking up my best friend along the way, and landing (and staying) in New York City.
Talent I’d like to have: I wish I knew how to play the piano!