Letters to the editor – Saturday (3-21-09)

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 20, 2009

Pets depend on us to fulfill their needs
I am writing in reference to a recent article in the Post about a dog-boarding facility in Troutman. It really sounds like a great place!
It is an answer to one my daily prayers each time I hear about a place for dog care that puts forth such effort to give back to dogs. It renews my faith in humans when I see people search out ways to give back the unconditional love and self sacrifice that dogs willingly give us. As true dog lovers, we should all take on the responsibility to give our dogs “all” of the things dogs need to be happy. When we take ownership of a dog, we also own all the resources. Our dogs cannot get what they need on their own. And as a trainer … I can tell anyone a very simple way to know if their dog is happy and content. When dogs are being destructive or aggressive in any way, to people or other dogs, it’s obvious they are not getting what they need to be happy.
We must take the time and effort to figure out what it is that our individual dog needs, even if it means stepping out of our own comfort zone and learning new things. We owe it to our dogs to do our best to provide what they really need, not just what we think they want or what is the most convenient for us to give. We owe it to them to give back all that “unconditional love” they give us. It is not just the right thing to do … dogs have earned it!
ó Nina Dix
Wonderful angels
I had a flat tire on March 11. I pulled over at the Kangaroo in China Grove and began the process of taking the flat tire off.
My jack really wasn’t doing a great job, and a China Grove police officer pulled up to help me. When he saw the jack, he said that he would go to the police station and get the power jack from there ó but that jack was also broken.
Then a man pulled up in a Ford Windstorm van and asked if we needed help. We asked if he had a power jack. It turns out he did, and he said, “You just keep the jack, OK?”
We got the tire changed, and I went off to work.
I know that the man in the van delivers papers, and I want to say a million thanks to him and to the officer who took the time to help me. May God bless you both.
ó Lisa Shepherd
Cancer fundraiser
Both my parents are cancer survivors. My best friend survived breast cancer. My brother lost his life to brain cancer. Most, if not all of us have experienced cancer personally or through family or friends.
Help raise needed funds for the American Cancer Society at the “Girls Night Out” event to be held at Stitchin’ Post Gifts Thursday (March 26) from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Free food, drawings, goodie bag and lots of fun. Part of the proceeds from sales that evening will benefit Rowan Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.
ó Pam Hylton Coffield
Coffield operates Stitchin’ Post Gifts.