Letters to the editor – Sunday (3-15-09)

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 13, 2009

Kudos to Furr, shame on rest of Landis board
The people of Landis are very fortunate to have one alderman with integrity and guts. James Furr was the one voice of reason and justice in the town meeting’s discussion of proposed bills against forced annexation, which are so badly needed.
I am very disappointed in the remainder of the town board of Landis for opposing legislation for a moratorium on forced annexations and the requirement of a vote prior to forced annexation. You are swallowing the misinformation being publicized by the League of Municipalities. It is no secret that the armed bandits invading our counties have been trained, indoctrinated, equipped and armed by the lies of the league; and you are promoting their tyranny by believing and supporting untruths and half truths.
Your board is, in effect, saying that it’s OK to go ahead and abuse the citizens of North Carolina under the current law.
These bills were entered because of hundreds of hours of exhaustive study and hearings by the House Select Committee and the Joint Commission on Annexation, which made obvious the corruption and abuse of the citizens of North Carolina through the use of the current law. Landis’ standing with the league against these disenfranchised people is inexcusable. I sincerely hope the citizens will remember this when election time comes again.
ó Marie Howell
Rowan County (Neel Estates)
Visit Dunn’s Mountain
With spring approaching, mark your calendar for regular fun trips to Dunn’s Mountain.
If possible, take the 10-minute walk up the mountain and enjoy the unusual rock formations along the way. If you prefer not to walk, take the shuttle bus and listen to Bill or Bob’s narrative. At the top, enjoy the remarkable panoramic view where on a clear day you can see Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Lexington, Greensboro, Pilot Mountain and other distant sites. Every visit provides a good look at downtown Salisbury and Spencer Shops. Plan a picnic and just relax.
Any day on Dunn’s Mountain is a great day!
ó Betty and Jerry MacLean
Olde Salisbury