Letter: Cal is awfully cavalier about jobs

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cal is awfully cavalier about jobs
While I realize Cal Thomas has the right to have his opinions published, I wonder why he does not take time to think through what he says.
Most recently I read and reread his Feb. 19 column about the GM and Chrysler businesses. The idea of letting them die a slow death may seem reasonable until you consider that with two of the big three gone, it leaves foreign cars and Ford as the only choices. Ford is holding on by a thread and has years of work to catch up with some of the competition.
That means when current cars are worn out, we either walk, take public transportation that is frequently nonexistent, or send more money to Asia or Europe. Not great financial planning. Maybe he could add Kia to his list of cars he has owned on his next trip down car-memory lane.
His suggestion that workers can be retrained sounds good. Retrained for what? Has he looked at the lines of people looking for work? Add hundreds of thousands more to the lines for jobs and to the lines of people who are trying to get into retraining programs, and we have a bigger disaster than we have now.
I know Cal is anti-union, but it is in times like these that the little guys have to seek solidarity to protect themselves from those who “land on their feet” by greedy and unwise practices.
Granted, some unions are greedy and power hungry, but where unions and management work together with respect, there can be progress.
Americans want jobs. The president is trying to keep what jobs there are and grow new jobs. Hopefully, Cal may sometime write a well-thought-out opinion on how to help that happen.
รณ Donald Tracy