Overton students review ‘The Tempest’

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 20, 2009

I liked that the people were flying and the part when the monster was drunk. I liked that the monster had a tail.
ó Sean Perry
I liked when Ginny Weant and Jordyn Leahey were acting like they were drunk. I liked the way Ginny Weant was dancing, the way her shoulder was moving. When the actress was flying, it was cool. I liked the background, the sand and the trees hanging from the back. Traci, Maryn, Allison, Scarlett and Morgan did good. I liked the colors. I liked the whole thing.
ó Sarriea Davis
I liked the whole play. I liked the drunk girls. They were funny. And one of the drunk girls slapped the other girl. I liked the monster. He was also funny and also drunk. I liked the boy and the girl. They fell in love at first sight. It was romantic.
ó Sunshine Ennis
“The Tempest” was a good play. I liked when they got drunk. The characters were good.
ó Jalon McClellan
The play was so beautiful. My favorite part was that two sisters were on an island and they found each other. The two sisters saw a monster and one sister gave him some of her wine. A few minutes later, they all had wine bottles, and they started hanging out. They became good friends. Many days later, they did not like him and he left. I liked the play because it had a lot of creativity and activity.
ó Briana Everhart
My favorite part of the play was when the monster was drinking wine and one of the girls hit him on the back and he spit up his drink, Sphoorsh! Everyone in the theater went hahahaha! Wine went everywhere on the stage.ó Daniel Nunn
“The Tempest” was the best play that I’ve ever seen in my whole entire world. My favorite part was when one of the drunk girls slapped one of the other drunk girls. The play was spectacular.
ó India Clodfelter
When I went to the play, it was funny and the girls and the monster started to drink. One of the drunk girls started dancing and that was funny. My favorite part was when one of the girls slapped the other girl.
ó Angel Barber
I liked the play because the girls didn’t know what to do with this monster. I also liked the people flying in the air. It was so wonderful! I just wanted to get on the stage and ask the producer to let me fly in the air. The last thing I liked about it was when the boy tried to kiss the queen’s daughter. But so far, I liked the whole play. I want to go back to the Meroney Theater again.
ó Nadiya Simms
I liked the whole thing. Who wouldn’t? But if I had to pick a favorite part, it would be the drunk girls. If you saw it, you would probably like it. They had wonderful actors and props. It must have had to take a lot of practice. It was great!
ó Ty Mahan
I really liked the island spirit because she has colorful feathers and because she flies and leaps across the stage.
ó Daniel Engwall
I think this show was great! I really liked the two drunk girls with good personalities. The scary monster was a weird but cool guy. The girl flying really caught my interest. I definitely think everybody should go see that play!
ó Audrey Hudson
“The Tempest” was a very interesting play. The main person I focused on was Stephano. Her voice projected to the audience very clearly. She made her character stand out like a shining star. She did not have one single word to stumble over. They worked very hard to do this. The background is beautiful and very well done!
ó Cameron Walker
I liked the part where the mariners in the play “The Tempest” got shipwrecked. All the screaming in the play made it come alive. All the thoughts in my mind were spinning at that scene.
ó Anthony McKeithan
I thought the setting was beautiful. They showed lots of detail. The characters did an awesome job. I mean, it was great! I loved the show! The cast worked together very well. I really enjoyed the play! I’m honored that I got to see this performance. ó Isis Wilson
Gee’z la Wee’z; if you like Elizabethan language and comedy, you should go and see “The Tempest.” I loved the action and acting of the characters. There was a special twist around every corner. Please go see it, you won’t regret it.
ó Shanelle Thompson
“The Tempest” by William Shakespeare is a play you don’t want to miss! My favorite actor was Alana Koontz. She was a “spirit” and could fly. She followed the orders of Prospero. Prospero was a magician who was sent to the island with her daughter. I don’t want to spoil it, so I will say no more, except the play was superb.
ó Eric Allen
The production crew did a super job because everything ran smoothly. Don’t miss it. I give it three stars.
ó Sammy Suggs
“The Tempest” by William Shakespeare was a fantastic play. The scenery and props were outstanding. The play “flew” by smoothly.ó Bailey Richardson
“Wow,” what a superb play Overton School went to today. It was “The Tempest.” The Piedmont Players put on a magnificent magical play. I couldn’t understand their language at first, but then I got used to it. I think the two best actors were Trinculo and Stephano. ó Marcus Corry
“The Tempest” was so cool!! The kids played their parts well. I liked all of them, but I liked Miranda the best. She was so beautiful. She flew through the air with the greatest of ease. My favorite part was when Prospero was about to kiss Miranda.
ó Krystal Margeson
“The Tempest” performance was unbeaten. It had all the things I expected.
ó LaNora Jackson
My favorite character was Ariel. She was my favorite because she flew through mid-air. Everyone was startled when it first happened.
ó Natasha Sangare
“The Tempest by William Shakespeare was an outstanding play of plays!
ó Miles Walker
I think Prospero was the best character. She is so talented. She projected her voice so well. If it was up to me, I would rate it E for everyone. Wow! It is the best play you’ll ever see! I promise you!
ó Lessa Mahan
It was fantastic! The costumes were colorful, pretty and neat. The characters were awesome. Their performance was outstanding and the background was absolutely amazing!!
ó Kariana Williams
My favorite parts were the funny parts. You won’t want to miss this play.
ó Christian Deneen
“The Tempest” at the Meroney Theatre was one of my favorite plays! The play was very funny. All of the kids did a great job of playing their parts.
ó Katie Bullock
My favorite character was Prospero, the magician. She did a good job. When Ariel was flying it was outstanding! The background drew you into the setting. I felt like I was on stage. At first when Caliban came out it shocked me!
ó Will Casmus
I loved it because of the flyers. They were flying in mid-air. The flyers glided very gracefully and smoothly.
ó Caitlyn Slusser
The flying actress was exciting.
ó Zarreth Barger
It’s fun and absolutely wonderful and it had a very good ending.
ó David Mayo
I loved it! Don’t miss it!
ó Eliza Walser
“The Tempest” was absolutely fabulous! There was action, humor and it made everyone laugh! My very favorite parts were the flying and the drunk sailors. I have seen many plays at the Meroney and by far this is one of the best! If you want a good laugh, I would recommend “The Tempest.”
ó Lara Koontz
The music and dancing was hilarious. Two sailors and a monster were drinking wine, and started acting silly. Something I thought was magical was when they would fly around.
ó Tessa Halpin
The three funniest characters were the two sailors and the monster. They were drinking wine in the scene and it was hilarious! It was the best Shakespeare play I have ever seen. Go see “The Tempest” at the Meroney Theatre today and go on a magical adventure!
ó Dakotah Insley
As the Meroney Theatre darkened, I wiggled my legs anxiously as the play began to start. I watched as the fairy soared, doing flips as she pleased. I thought of my tumbling class as I watched the fairy in the breeze. People who love magic and people who are adventurous would love this play. I really enjoyed this play!
ó Hannah Allen
“The Tempest” was one of the greatest plays I have ever seen. It had a great setting. I loved how they made it look foggy in the beginning. It made me wonder if it had really happened. It looked real. One of my favorite parts was the part when the sailors let the monster drink wine. I laughed my head off! It was a great play and I would like to see it again.
ó Elizabeth Harper
I think the flying was very cool. The whole play was based on magic. Three of the actors were drinking wine. And that was the best things that the play had in it.
ó DeNariae Livingston
My favorite part in the play was when the drunken sailors were dancing and singing. I also liked watching the fairies fly. I also loved the background. I loved watching the play. It was the most entertaining play ever!
ó Haley Sims