Letters to the editor – Sunday (2-8-09)

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 6, 2009

Big business and bailouts
Awarding bonuses to executives who beg for bailout funds is nothing short of criminal; it’s no less a crime than pick-pocketing a wallet and should be no less punishable by law.
These “leaders” have the audacity to steal from employees who toiled faithfully for years making a company what it was before being railroaded into financial disarray, and then these same “leaders” march off to ask for government bailouts. This is a criminal act lacking social consciousness; a dereliction of duty; and a complete failure on countless other fronts .
Why haven’t these executives been prosecuted for misappropriation of funds or whatever label Washington wants to put on it? Why shouldn’t their multi-million- or -billion-dollar bank accounts be frozen, the questionable funds seized and returned to taxpayers where they would do an honest, hard-working American some good? It’s because Americans didn’t demand accountability.
In our role as the “melting pot” nation, Americans now favor political correctness over social duty to the common good. We fear “offending someone” so much that we’ve failed to call on the carpet corporations, executives and politicians who wrong us on a daily basis.
Our failure to demand what is right and fair has allowed corporations to worship the almighty dollar over the worker who makes it for them; to treat employees as expendable rather than human.
We failed to make our own welfare a priority, so did we really expect executives making millions at our expense to do it for us?
Demand change, people! Demand that such reprehensible actions be dealt with expeditiously in criminal courts. Demand that the line between right and wrong be a hard one, not blurred by financial status. Demand transparency from corporations and politicians regarding what’s done with our money. If not, you can be sure they won’t do it for you.
ó Nicole Barnhardt Cline
China Grove
A shocking sign
Since when did the N.C. Transportation Museum move to Salisbury? I was shocked and horrified when driving down I-85 last week, headed back to Spencer from Charlotte. I noticed a billboard that advertised the Transportation Museum’s location in Salisbury!
The residents of Spencer take pride in their town and the museum. This billboard is a slap in the face to Spencer residents! The town of Spencer was named after Samuel Spencer, and the Spencer Shops continue to serve as a reminder of the town’s origin.
ó Richard Gazoo