Letters: OK stimulus sooner rather than later

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 5, 2009

OK stimulus sooner rather than laterThe stimulus bill must pass quickly. If it doesn’t, we will be in deep trouble. Even John McCain’s economic advisors say that without the stimulus the unemployment rate would top 11 percent. That would be the highest rate since the Great Depression.
It seems that some items in the bill are being singled out for criticism, like the anti-smoking program. It makes up only one-ten-thousandth of the spending.
This kind of nit-picking is pure politics. It is time to put that aside and do what must be done for us.
ó Diane Williams
Gold Hill
Patrons or thieves?
I have a favorite author (Dean Koontz) that I’m reading through books from the Rowan Public Library. Three of his books have been overdue since May of 2008. When inquiring about these books with the staff, I’m told overdue notices are sent out, and after awhile the books are listed as lost. They may or may not then be replaced through normal library funding.
Considering funding has been cut, it’s not likely these books will be replaced.
My question is, when does a library patron become a thief of public property, and when will the county take steps to hold patrons accountable? Eight months seems enough time!
ó James Grizzard