Letters to the editor – Tuesday (1-27-09)

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 26, 2009

Historic moment deserved attention it has received
I think that the front page of the Jan. 21 Salisbury Post of the new president was wonderful! Thank you.
I was waiting to see when some of Rowan County’s racists would raise their ugly heads. It is really sad that at this time in our history, some of us do not get it. To cancel one’s subscription really is very telling. Yes, 60 percent of Rowan did not vote for President Obama. I am glad that there were others who felt differently from you, sir or madam.
Now back to “Mr. or Mrs. White is right.” I hope that I have no interaction with you. As far the “Obama worship,” you just do not get it. The Capitol of Washington, D.C., was built on the backs of African-Americans. Was that OK? Those who complained are a sad group of people who I am sure have very little to bring to the table but complaints and putting African-Americans back in “their place.”
I am tired of hearing some white folks whining about African-Americans getting a piece of the American dream. It is really scary and a sad commentary that at this time in our history there are those of you out there still wanting it all. Then, there are whites that I am delighted to know in this county ó the whites who work very hard to make sure that people like you complaining about a front-page news story do not speak for them.
I hope that you will step back and think about how sophomoric your complaining is. Mr. Obama is the president of the United States, and your complaining will not change that fact.
I am glad that God loves me the same as he loves you.
ó Deedee Wright
Obama front was overkill
In reference to Editor Elizabeth Cook’s Jan. 25 column “Obama front page stirs reactions” etc.:
The Post is wise to confront this issue, one that possesses, as they say: “nuance.”
Please follow me: The collective noun: ‘the press,” of which you are a part, has participated in, if not in all cases actively led, for the last eight years, a persistent, committed vilification of a decent man, the president of the United States. We of the “Right” have accepted this, in addition to the attendant tasteless and banal TV “comedy” of the Left, as the right of dissidents in our democracy to express their opinion.
In contrast to this, in and for the last 120 days, in pictures and print, we of the Right have been treated to an orgiastic frenzy of emotional zeal over the election of, at best, the untested: “Hope and Change” candidate. Your front-page treatment of this putative leader was a more recent example of this continuing slanted overkill, with an additional and substantial overwhelming local emphasis.
I suppose: “Enough” would apply.
The Post is also wise to be concerned re: cancellation of subscriptions. In many cases such actions are not frivolous. They are reactions to the relentless migration of political opinion into the news content of the printed and other, media. Anecdotally: two years ago, I cancelled a Charlotte Observer subscription due to their ill-advised inclusion on the editorial page of an anti-American diatribe by their social doyenne of the late night hip-hop clubs. I have not since missed the Observer for either content or opinion. With the current availability of Web sites, I doubt I ever will.
Local news, while a strength of the Post, must be more than: the criminal recordations of the “Blotter”!
ó D. Robert Trundle
Thanks to EMS workers
We in Rowan County are blessed to have outstanding emergency response personnel I called 911 on Jan. 12 because of a medical emergency. Within minutes, members of Miller Ferry Fire Department had arrived at my house, and the ambulance was there shortly after that. All too often, we tend to take these dedicated people’s work for granted. They deserve our praise and our thanks.
ó Randy Alley