Letters to the editor – Sunday (1-18-09)

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 16, 2009

Traffic tickets rise as economy falls
I have just learned from CNN that when there is an economic downturn and reduced tax revenue, there is an increase in traffic tickets.
Poor, dumb me got confused. I thought we were supposed to be the beneficiary of “protect and serve,” not the government. I guess we need to paint our seatbelts with glow-in the-dark paint and buckle up and shut up.
Everyone should make a concerted effort to become law abiding and dry up this source of revenue. They can always put donation jars in convenience stores.
The study covered 14 years and was done in the state of North Carolina.
ó Delmar McDaniel
Over a barrel
There is absolutely no reason for the recent hike in gas prices, other than the fact that the oil companies and distributors can jack up prices, which in turn means the gas stations have to charge more.
They function as a monopoly (forget free-market; just ride around and check the prices at all the service stations ó all prices are within pennies of one another!), and I have just about come to the conclusion that they need to be regulated as one. As a small-business owner, I have no problem with companies making a profit, but I have a lot of problems with gouging.
Wholesale prices for oil are below $38 a barrel as I write this. Who in our state government and/or federal government can we complain to to get something done?
ó Dee Sink
Hotel tax debate
Regarding the proposal to increase the hotel tax in Rowan County:
As a regular tourist visitor to the United States from Salisbury, England, who frequently stays in Salisbury, I have to say that when choosing which state to visit for the next vacation, local sales tax and occupancy tax are considerations that we have to take.
This is true even more so now that the pound has fallen by one third against the dollar in recent months. We will still visit the United States but will have to choose where we can afford to go.
Previous comments have suggested that this is a perfect tax ó raising more taxes from people who don’t vote. We have the ultimate vote, we can go somewhere else.
Please don’t outprice your hotels. When you do, you lose all the other items that we spend on when in the area.
ó David Law
Salisbury, England.