Letters to the editor – Thursday (1-15-09)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Julian Road doesn’t need a new name
Thank you, Patti Julian Cassels (Jan. 12 letter) for beating me to the punch! I agree that the portion of Julian Road as it is now should remain just that: Julian Road.
I am sure the name Julian is just as sacred to you as the name King is to the King family and others. Several miles of Salisbury’s streets have already been renamed MLK Avenue, and that is fine and appropriate.
One further possibility would be to let the Spencer alderman bringing up the suggestion of renaming Julian Road find a road in Spencer that runs all the way to I-85, rename it and put up a sign at the intersection with I-85 stating MLK Exit.
ó Sam L. Hoffman
Water rate debate
Wait a minute ó the town manager of China Grove could not meet with Tuscarora to discuss its water rates, which differ by $40,000 per month from those charged by Oakboro because of schedule conflicts. Nothing on Mr. Pless’ schedule is that important compared to the fact that China Grove is in danger of losing this industry unless the town does something to be more competitive. If they had listened to the people instead of the developers and their last town manager, they would not have annexed the property for which they had to provide water and sewer. And if they had not made arrangements to buy water at a ridiculous rate that they do not need, in order for Kannapolis to benefit, they also would not be hurting themselves and industries in their town. Why can these little towns not just govern themselves in a way to benefit their own people, without annexing and going beyond their means and abilities, making things harder for everyone by dreaming of enlarging their tax bases?
If they took care of their own citizens, they could keep their industries, and the people living inside their limits could afford to live there.
ó Ken Dennis
China Grove
Help the animals
Most everyone is aware of the problems surrounding Rowan County’s animal overpopulation. We hear of horrific animal cases, and with each one that is brought to our attention, most of us have the same response, “Something needs to be done.”
I, like most, feel angry, but fail to take that extra step to try to make a difference. An average citizen who resides in Rowan County, I am not well known nor am I an “animal rights activist.” I have never in my life promoted any cause, nor have I ever written a letter to a newspaper before.The other day I came upon another sad animal situation. I wanted to know why people are allowed to get away with being so inhumane. Calling the Rowan County Animal Control and Humane Society made it clear to me that the animal laws are not strict enough and what laws there are, are hard to enforce.
I want good laws that are enforced. But, like so many, I have done nothing to help make those laws a reality. Since one person alone cannot generate change, I concluded that I needed to unite with like-minded people! I found out about a meeting at the Rowan County Library on Fisher Street today, Jan. 15, at 1:15 p.m. in the Stanback Room. It is with a grassroots group called Rowan County “Concerned Citizens for Animals.” They want to promote several kinds of humane legislation for animals! This meeting will be in regard to a Humane Euthanasia bill that will be presented in Raleigh this month.
This will be my first step toward helping to make real change! I hope others of you will come and help make change with me.
ó Mary Eller
Jobs and unions
Regarding Reggie Moysan’s Jan. 10 letter:
You could use the common-sense method to figure why your job went to Mexico. Don’t blame it on the government. I don’t think the government sends all these jobs to other countries when they need the revenue from income taxes. (Workers at Freightliner) already made about 30 percent more than the average wage around here, besides the benefits. You sent your own job to Mexico when you voted for the union. You need to look up the word greed in the dictionary.
Hopefully, when all these union jobs are in other countries, union organizers will go over there and chase our jobs back over here.
ó Bill Rainey