Letters to the editor – Wednesday (1-7-09)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peace Pole proclaims New Year’s message
First timers attending the traditional “Ringing in the New Year” at the Bell Tower on New Year’s Eve were impressed with how well organized and smoothly things went. Most of the revelers were familiar with the routine. They quickly lined up to take their turn ringing the bell. Dr. Karl Hales eloquently explained the event, the history of the Bell Tower and the gazebo. The crowd was congenial, with people easily finding their way in the cold darkness.
Overlooked by the crowd stood a silent sentinel, another first timer in the Bell Tower Park: A Peace Pole speaking silent words, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”
Surely this is a message as old as humanity itself. Maybe, just maybe, the bells knew of this message. Maybe, just maybe, the bells were proclaiming the message with each peal of the bell, each pull of the rope … Peace, peace, peace!
ó Betty Jo Hardy
Enriching Rowan’s families
I want to thank the Adolescent and Family Enrichment Council, its staff and volunteers for the excellent and much needed work they do in strengthening the families of Rowan County.
The ouncil provides information and education that improves the quality of life of families and helps reduce adolescent pregnancies. Last year alone, more than $12,000 people were served through educational classes and information fairs. The council is a United Way agency. Without the support of the United Way, the council would not be able to continue its work. Thank you, United Way, for your continued support, and thank you, Adolescent and Family Enrichment Council, for making a positive difference in the families of Rowan County.
ó Joyce H. Goodwin
Joyce Goodwin is a board member of the Adolescent and Family Enrichment Council.
Bring back good music
Hello, citizens of Salisbury. I am doing a report on the way music is today. All of today’s music is about drugs, women, alchohol and killing. Music used to be about current, relevant truths and actual emotion.
My point is that there is very little creativity and emotion in today’s “cutter-board” pop and nonchalant rap and hip-hop. The true power of music is in the performance and the sound of the performer. For example, “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynrd, “Civil War” by Guns ‘N’ Roses, a song about real world problems, maybe not at that specific time but still holding the feeling and the power of the Civil War.
As a musician, I understand the importance of bringing back good, heartfelt music. I believe that by achieving this goal we would be one step closer to bringing the world together through music.
ó Justin Neal