Beck column: Putting plans into action

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 5, 2009

I’ll bet that I have done something else none of you have ever done. Since I’m limited where transportation is concerned, sometimes I have to come up with a plan so here’s what happened.
I rarely go to Concord Mills but I’ve wanted to check out the swimsuit shop there for quite sometime. A friend of mine was traveling south on I-85, so I had a way to go early one morning. My oldest daughter lives in Kannapolis and has wanted me to come to her home to see her redecorating. I haven’t been there in several years because she has three steps and I fell the last time I was there.
But recently I started taking physical therapy and walking some and practicing on steps so going to her home was one of my future plans. I decided if she could join me at Concord Mills after work we could go by her house and then she could take me home. I called her and she said she would pick me up there and we could have lunch. So the plan took action.
I had not charged my scooter the previous night so I took my charger along just in case I needed it. I rode around there for awhile and as usual I got so cold in that air-conditioned place that I decided to go outside to get warm. I happened to look at the gauge and sure enough, I was down to a half charge. I saw a security guard and explained my predicament. Right at the entrance there was an electrical plug and he was kind enough to hook up my scooter.
So as I wrote this story, I sat at the entrance where I was to meet my daughter. It was very pleasant there but I began to think if I heard that speaker “welcome” me to Concord Mills one more time, I might have screamed. I was sitting right by the door and hearing it in English and Spanish over and over every few minutes.
People walked by staring at me in strange ways. It was kind of funny to watch their reactions. I suppose they had never seen someone “plugged in” at the entrance. The previous Saturday, I had gone to a yard sale and gotten an almost new quilted lap throw for a buck and it was coming in handy after being in that “icebox.” Once again, I remembered why I don’t care too much about shopping there as I always get so cold!
When I had first arrived, the only business open was a “Select Comfort” store that sells the “Sleep Number mattresses.” I had decided to check it out just to kill time. After testing it, my next plan may be to buy one of those. The salesman said it was guaranteed to last for 20 years. I had replied, “That’s fine since I’m almost 61 and it will probably outlive me.”
He said (kind of under his breath), “Amazing!”
I asked, “Excuse me, what did you say?”
He replied, “I would not have thought you were over 52.” Boy, did that make my day! The compliment wasn’t necessary as the mattress would have sold itself if I could have afforded it.
But then that was one of my plans also. Exercise, physical therapy, swimming and watching my diet had helped me lose 24 pounds. That had been the real purpose in this shopping trip. As I finished writing this and after the scooter had charged a bit, it was time to see if my swimsuit size had gone from 16 to 12. I thought I might even treat myself to a new wardrobe. Now I’ll bet all of you have done that at some time or another!
Linda Beck lives in Woodleaf and can be e-mailed at