Editorial: Can't thank you enough

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Happiness helped a record number of children this year, 3,576, and for that we can’t thank Salisbury Post readers enough.
Every penny sent to the Post for Christmas Happiness was turned over to the Rowan County Department of Social Services. The agency then distributed the money in the form of $30 vouchers that could be redeemed at Magic Mart or Kmart to buy a gift for a child.
At a time when people are struggling to pay electric bills and put food on the table, a gift may seem frivolous. But many of these children are thrilled to receive shoes, coats or other clothes as Christmas gifts. Not every gift is a toy. That’s up to the parents.
Another plus of Christmas Happiness is the recognition given to the people who are honored or remembered by the donors. Many of us have all we need and more. Receiving mention in the Christmas Happiness column and knowing the donation will help others may be the best gift of all.
Christmas Happiness began in 1952 when the head of what was then the Welfare Department told Post Editor Spencer Murphy of the great need that existed among children in the community. He put out a plea for help, and Post readers responded. Some $1,801 was raised to help 600 children.
This year’s total of $71,930.18 (as of Thursday) is not as great as last year’s $75,927.12. But between the money that came in late last year and all the donations made this year, it was enough to help a record number of children have a brighter Christmas Day. Thank you for making that possible.