Cook column: Remember these words from 2008?

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 26, 2008

Here are some highlights and low moments of 2008, captured in quotes reported in the Salisbury Post:
“I just don’t understand what sick person would do this. This is the lowest of the low.” ó Karen Smith, after someone stole a vase from her son’s grave.
“I love lawyer jokes, but reality is much better.” comment on Houston Chronicle’s Legal Trade blog, after Rowan County District Court Judge Kevin Eddinger holds attorney Todd Paris in contempt for reading Maxim magazine in court.
“I’m opposed to involuntary annexation, especially involuntary annexation of me. I’m in that map.” ó Rowan County Commission Chairman Arnold Chamberlain.
“I thank God he has let me be a part of his plan for peace and harmony.” Gary Rhyne, retiring after 43 years of teaching.
“From here on, things are going to happen in a hurry.” ó Rich Combs in February, after becoming president and chief operations officer of High Rock Speedway. Combs left the organization later in the year, and construction has yet to begin on the track.
“I’m on the hoseline, but the hoseline’s gone dead!” ó firefighter on the scene of Salisbury Millwork fire that killed two.
“Father, we have a hole in our heart that only you can heal,” prayer by assistant pastor Keith Mason at Justin Monroe’s church, Trading Ford Baptist, after fire takes his life and that of Vic Isler.
“You should be proud of your school system.” ó Joe Delaney, visiting committee chairman, after visiting Rowan-Salisbury Schools and approving accreditation.
“People used to make house payments with what you pay for fuel now.” ó NASCAR fan Nancy Dreyer of Mebane, visiting Lowe’s Motor Speedway for race weekend.
“I don’t think anybody else needs to hear an American tell them to use less.” ó Dr. Matthew Sleeth speaking at Catawba College on “Serve God, Save the Planet.”
“That’s the only chance children have to get off the couch.” ó parent Jackie Sechler, asking Landis aldermen to continue sponsoring athletic leagues.
“It’s an easy crime. You drive up and within a few minutes you’ve made $20 or $30.” ó Sheriff George Wilhelm, discussing catalytic-converter thefts.
“If food’s on the table, it’s gonna be blessed before it’s et.” ó Robert Mills, discussing the success of his 70-year marriage to wife Marie.
“He wasn’t much of a politician. That’s a good thing.” ó John Robinson, talking about the late Wiley Lash, the city’s first black mayor. The city put a plaque honoring Lash on the old City Hall.
“We had representation here. But we didn’t have the H2O, bro.” ó Dee Addison, whose Candlewick Drive home burned down, even though four fire departments sent trucks. A traffic jam of gawkers hampered their efforts.
“There were a few times I thought I was going to hurl.” ó Keatin Shelton on Apple Ugly eating contest.
“This is my passion. I don’t do this for money. I do it because it’s what I love.” ó Rich Combs, High Rock Raceway president, in July.
“I hope you’re ready to use it.” ó U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole to Rowan County commissioners, after securing $2 million for the Rowan County Airport.
“For those that knew him, he quite simply hung the moon.” ó Candee Wilhelm, speaking about her late husband, David Wilhelm, for whom the Innes Street bridge was named.
“We’re not trying to do things for speed, but to craft justice.” ó Defense attorney James Davis, on the fact that the people accused in Dr. David Boyd’s murder will be tried in a year and a half to two years.
“We move ’em about as fast as we can pick ’em.” ó Harry Hipp, on his peach crop.
“We did not find physical evidence that the helmet hit the Jeep. That remains a mystery.” ó District Attorney Bill Kenerly, on offering plea deals to six young people accused in the death of Moped rider Michael Brown.
“He needed to look after his own affairs.” ó High Rock Raceway founder David Risdon, on the resignation of president and COO Rich Combs.
“She’s public enemy No. 1 as far as Democrats are concerned.” ó Bob Dole, talking about wife Elizabeth Dole’s run for re-election to the U.S. Senate. She lost.
“It’s important the community knows these are not problems with community banks.” ó Bruce Jones of Community Bank of Rowan, discussing the the banking industry bailout.
“We had the bridge to nowhere, the road to nowhere, now we’ve got the hospital to nowhere.” ó veteran Abe Daniels, on possible closing of the emergency department and inpatient services at the Hefner VA Medical Center.
“How dare she attack my Christian faith.” ó Democratic challenger Kay Hagan, on Elizabeth Dole’s ads connecting Hagan to “Godless Americans.”
“It’s indescribably delicious.” ó Patricia Howell of East Spencer on the election of Barack Obama as president.
– – –
Elizabeth Cook is editor of the Salisbury Post.