Fishin’ with Capt. Gus: Fishing T-shirts can bring chuckles

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From time to time people wear t-shirts with messages. Ones that fishermen wear often show pictures of leaping fish.
Here are some that might bring a smile to your face.
A lady, pushing a cart at a local discount store, wore one that said, “Fishing is like picking green beans. It’s a spiritual experience.”
Another showed a handwritten sign in the grass with an image of a church in the background. The sign reads, “No fishing ó violators will be baptized.”
There was one with a rainbow trout in a frying pan. Below the picture said, “The End of a Rainbow.”
Another was of a big bass that read, “You have to hook ’em to cook ’em.” Two sequels read, “Bad fishermen have to buy ’em to fry ’em” and “Vegetarian is an Indian word for a Bad Fisherman.”
For the holiday season, one shirt reads, “Fishermen never have enough rods, reels, tackle boxes or boats.”
A guy wearing a camouflaged shirt proudly displayed this derogatory remark about anglers. “Hunters lie and wait; fishermen wait and lie.”
An elderly gentleman was seen wearing a t-shirt shirt with the picture of a big catfish. It said, “Gone fishin’ ó be back some day.”
Another good one was, “There is no limit to how many times you can go fishin’.”
And finally, my all time favorite says, “I spent most of my money fishing. The rest I wasted.”
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