Spotlight on E.W. Harris performing at The Blue Vine

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 18, 2008

Returning as a solo act, the songwriter, bandleader and arranger E.W. Harris emerges once again onto the music scene.
“Though there are clear artistic advantages to performing with an ensemble, other musicians reacting to your improvisational explorations, and often expanding on them among other things,” says Harris, “there is also a level of intimacy with the audience that is lost. With a band your message is fundamentally more complex.
“It’s like a forest. A forest can be beautiful and striking in a variety of ways; however, sometimes it is that lone tree on a hill at sunset that is somehow, by itself, breathtaking. Like in this case, sometimes clarity and simplicity is a more artful approach to the commutative essence of the music.”
Harris’s stated musical and artistic goal is the exploration of sonic and lyrical atmospheres from the ambient to the raw. His performance and compositional background is extensive, having written for and performed actively in bands and ensembles for more than a decade in such auspicious locales as the Georgia Theatre, The 40 Watt Club, and as a showcase act at the Atlantis Music Conference.
Harris has produced and recorded four albums with content ranging from folk, to rock, jazz, to electro, and has one currently in progress.
He will be performing a selection of his acoustic and acoustically adapted work 9 p.m.-midnight this Saturday at The Blue Vine, 209 S. Main St. in Salisbury. No cover.
For more information, call 704-797-0093.
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