Letters to the editor – Thursday (12-11-08)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Schools need more support, not cuts
Regarding the Dec. 7 article (“We can close gap on scores”) by Dr. Ada Fisher:
While Dr. Fisher addresses some of the weaknesses in our current schooling process and suggested some solutions, they focused primarily on schools and government.
As an engineer by education, I learned early in my career to identify the root cause before suggesting improvement. With all due respect, Dr. Fisher gave us the political answer.
These are tough economic times and they will get worse before they get better. Our elected officials are already talking about across the board budget cuts rather than targeted cuts. Families target cuts in the budget, businesses target cuts, why not our elected officials? Schools are the very last place to cut.
Our schools have been unable to build strong bridges with county government and have not received the community support needed to address the challenges of changing economies and unplanned growth. The school should be the heart of the community, not a place to drop off kids.
The strongest geometric shape is a triangle. Observation has shown when a community focuses on the three basic education parameters, children have the greatest opportunity to succeed. Those three parameters are government, schools and family.
We are the government, and our officials need to clearly understand that education is priority one rather than race tracks, developers and retail shopping.
The schools need to demonstrate their commitment and ability to educate each child to their ability. We, as parents and a community, need to instill in our children the importance of education. Our children start to learn in the home, not in kindergarten.
My challenge to the citizens of Rowan County is to draw a triangle and put it on the refrigerator. Write government on one point, school on another point and me on the third point. Write community in the middle. Now, draw a circle around me.
Step back and ask yourself: What have I done today to help educate my child, grandchild or neighbor’s child?
รณ Eric Marsh
China Grove