Letters to the editor – Monday (12-8-08)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another frontal attack on Christmas displaysIn one of the most disgusting and bigoted acts ever committed by a staff member of the University of North Carolina, Sarah Michalak, associate provost for UNC-Chapel Hill’s library, has ordered that Christmas trees no longer be displayed at the libraries on campus. This attack on Christianity, due to minor complaints from certain staff members, is a slap in the face of everything good about this state, this country and our culture. It is outrageous that a small minority of militant atheists are allowed a heckler’s veto over anything that might offend them.
Since the middle of the 20th century, militant atheists and secularists, spearheaded by the ACLU, have attempted to take Christianity out of every facet of public life. This included an attempt to intimidate Catawba County to remove the cross from its official seal. Thankfully, county officials returned the ACLU’s letter demanding the removal unopened, courage that Sarah Michalak would have been well served to find in herself. These attacks on the public display of religious symbols will not stop should all Christmas trees, nativity scenes and crosses suddenly disappear around the country. They will not stop until they have effectively de-Christianized this state and this nation. These attacks on our faith should be resisted by all legal and honorable means.
I urge citizens to write Sarah Michalak at smichala@ email.unc.edu or Walter Royal Davis Library, CB No. 3900, 208 Raleigh St, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890. Demand that she understand that the citizens who pay her salary as a state employee want this attack on Christianity reversed. I further urge that citizens contact their state and federal representatives demanding action on this issue.
Should Sarah Michalak not abandon her stance, our representatives, public officials, and all godly citizens should demand that she resign or be fired.
ó Carlton Huffman
Granite Falls
Georgia election had little local impact
To Norman File (Nov. 5 letter “GOP win worth page 1”) and others of his ilk:
The Salisbury Post is a local paper, and as such it focuses on stories of importance to Salisbury and Rowan County. Saxby Chambliss represents Georgia and has no impact locally. Consequently, he belongs where he landed, on page two, in the national news column.
As for a “liberal bias,” on Tuesday the lead story was Republican Carl Ford’s election as chairman. On Wednesday, the lead story was Republican Jon Barber’s budget proposals.
The GOP gets plenty of coverage, when the story is of local interest. If Mr. File wants national Republican stories to get top billing, he should subscribe to the Washington Star or the Wall Street Journal or possibly the Chicago Tribune. The Post is doing what it should do, covering local news and covering it fairly. Any bias rests with you, Mr. File, not the Post.
ó Jack Burke
Think of our veterans and history’s lessons
Sunday, December 7, 1941. Remember? Remember Pearl Harbor! If you don’t remember or know about Pearl Harbor it might be well to read and learn all you can because valuable lessons are learned from past history. Remember the veterans, too, of all wars, as many of them face great problems. Thank them for their service. Support them. Pray for them.
James R. Taylor
Remember: Money isn’t everything
When I tried to get in touch with someone because of an episode I wanted to write about, the contact person said she knew who I was and about “my job.” Once again I explained that the Salisbury Post prints my stories, space available, but does not pay me.
“My job” is a ministry the Lord has given me to tell others about my personal relationship with my Savior through His word and actions in my life. There have been many times when he has led me to help other disabled people who have some of the same needs and desires that I have.
I realize now that God’s plan is for me to be an advocate for other handicapped (or disabled) people. So if you have never lost your independence and don’t know anyone who has, congratulations, and I hope you never experience disability. You may be now go run, walk, play work or whatever you do to fulfill your hopes and dreams.
On the other hand, if you realize that some day you might find yourself following the disabled footsteps which can lead to dependence on walkers, wheelchairs and other transportation, I invite you to join me on my “job” as an advocate for the needs of others; then you could speak up for those of us who have already arrived at that unfortunate stage of our lives.
When one has the opportunity to see the results of such actions, one can experience a sense of satisfaction even though there is no “pay day.”
Has God given you a job? If there is something you can do to help someone less fortunate, I encourage you to pray and ask the Lord to guide you. You may not draw a salary, but the spiritual blessings will prove that “money isn’t everything.”
ó Linda Beck
I am against a government [taxpayer] bailout for “the Big Three” automakers, or any other corporation. No corporation should be allowed to become “too big to fail.” I would not object if the oil companies, or the United Auto Workers union bailed out the auto companies. After all the oil industry and auto unions have made billions over the years because of the Big Three.
I think that the “free market” should be free. We supposedly live under a capitalist system, but it goes against capitalism for the government to bail out some companies, and allow others to fail. If closed shops can’t compete then they should open up, or fail.
The government should support the people first, not Big Business and Big Labor.
ó Chuck Mann