Letters to the editor – Wednesday (12-3-08)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More respect for firefighters
I was at the parade last week, and I was very dismayed at the lack of cheers when the Salisbury Fire Department walked by carrying the helmets of our fallen firefighters Justin Monroe and Victor Isler. I couldn’t believe the lack of response by this close-knit community. I can’t imagine how their families are feeling this holiday season without them. We need to show our boys (firefighters) some respect.
ó Kristin Beaver
Civic ignorance
God bless America.
… If he doesn’t, we are a lost cause.
I write in reference to the results of the Civic Literacy Test, which was administered to 2,508 Americans and printed in the Salisbury Post on Nov. 30. The results are sickening. Average score for all Americans ó 49 percent, college educators ó 55 percent and elected officials ó 44 percent.
Anyone who cannot be in the 70 percentile deserves to have their citizenship taken away or be a designated Democrat.
ó A.H. Garner
Rowan County (Rockwell)