Letters to the editor – Tuesday (12-2-08)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let’s call Christmas what it really is
As this wonderful Christmas season begins, I would encourage everyone to call Christmas by its name and not a generic “happy holiday.”
Those of us who love and cherish Christmas find it very disrespectful and offensive when newspapers, magazines and businesses refuse to acknowledge the season as Christmas.
So, if you have the power in your hands to print “Merry Christmas” on a sign or window of a business or establishment, please do so!
Have a Merry Christmas!
ó Julie Kimmins
China Grove
Hologram history
The state of North Carolina spent $1.5 million to put a hologram of the North American continent on all N.C. drivers’ licenses! Where did I read about this expense? It was printed on the News & Observer’s Web site. The hologram was put on 4.6 million licenses, beginning in December 2006 and continuing to October 2008, when it was stopped. Why was it stopped? According to the News & Observer, the hologram “was feared as an anti-American plot.”
About a year ago, when I first learned of the hologram, I delved into a bit of my own research and found that “we the people” were being told that it was for identity purposes and security reasons. However, from research that many have done, it was clear that it was a symbol of the planned North American Union which is a plan to eliminate the borders of the United States, both to the North and South. North Carolina was chosen as the first state of the Union to put it in place as a pilot program.
I have been researching this topic of the North American Union for a couple of years and urge all of you do the same and then make up your own minds. “We the people” have the power. “We the people” need to stand together for this wonderful country. Where did that $1.5 million come from? Did you vote to share your money to cover part of the expense of putting that hologram on the licenses? I know that I didn’t. “We the people” have a right to know.
ó M. June Clancy